Million Miler Seat Mates At OWMD + AA Admirals Club Pass Give Away

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I just returned from the AA MegaDo where I had the opportunity to learn about AA from some veteran million milers (MM). It was amazing how many MMs were on this plane. In fact, I was surrounded by people with millions and millions of miles. It was great to speak with my seat mates and learn what they like about the AA program.

Million Miler 3 F

Mr 3F has 8.7 million life time miles on AA. This MM has been top tier status on AA since 1989 and is still running strong.

Million Miler 3 E

When Mrs 3E is not diagnosing a patient’s ailment she is flying all over the world. This MM has a little over 2.5 million miles and counting. Hat tip to 3 E for donating the AA admirals club pass for this give away.

Million Miler 2 F

Mr 2F was my seatmate who helped me write the Steak and Drinks at 35k post where we are giving away another AA Admirals club pass (hat tip to 2F for donating the pass to the winner). This MM loves car racing, when he’s not at a race, he’s racing to the top of the AA frequent flier food chain with 2.7 million lifetime miles.

Million Miler 1 E

Mr 1E flew 163 segments for a total of 313,000 miles in just one year alone. This MM has been top tier status for the last 12-14 years and will have 50,000 AA status miles by the end of January. When he’s not earning AA lifetime miles he is helping the frequent flyer community track their miles with Award Wallet.

Million Miler 1 F

Mrs 2E’s life is a trip. This MM flew 220,000 miles last year and loves the LAX to NRT route. She is addicted to travel and does not plan to recover from it because it is the best form of education she has ever received.

2 E

I’m working my way to MM status with an almost respectable 440,000 life time AA miles over the past 10 years. I can recall AA flights to some great destinations like Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Turks & Caicos, New York, DC, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Colorado, Nassau, San Juan, and I will never forget the trip to Anguilla

These were just the MegaDo MM’s sitting next to me. I wonder how many miles were on this flight, which would be easy to know if you are using Award Wallet.

AA club pass giveaway

Answer these questions for a chance to win a one day AA Admirals Club pass that also comes with a $100 off your purchase of a AA Admirals Club membership. Leave your answers in a comment and one lucky winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday, 2/4/12.

1) What is your best tip for a new AA flyer?

2) What is the highest number of miles redeemed by a AA member? (hint: customers are amazing link)

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  1. 1) Check for bonus miles on any routing you are considering.
    2) Cheated: 61,845,000 miles. 😉

  2. 1. Use your Citi AA credit card for a 7,500 mile discount on round trip mileage award flights.

    2. 61,845,000 miles. That is about 2/3 of the way to the Sun.

  3. 1. As much fun as it is to use miles, keep some in your account for emergency purposes. Never know when there might be a funeral or a medical emergency you need to fly to or from. 12.5K miles got me out of the way of a hurricane once as well.
    2. I looked: 61,845,000 miles. I guessed way under that number. Wow!

  4. 1. Don’t ever trust the gate announcement from the FA. It’s almost always wrong!
    2. 61,845,000 miles.

  5. 1. Know what the next flight(s) to your destination are if the flight is cAAncled.
    2. 61,845,000 miles

  6. 1. AA status is great for upgrades, horrible for lounge service (aka you have to pay more for Admiral’s lounge). Get the AMEX Platinum if you will fly often.
    2. 61,845,000 miles

  7. 1) If you are booking international trip on points, there is a free stopover to any North American Cities.
    2) 61,845,000 miles

  8. 1) Get a DC adapter. AA has very little in the way of in flight entertainment, but a high percentage of their mainline aircraft have DC powerports in coach.

    2) 61,845,000

  9. 1. Travel with an open mind and an forgiving heart, unless you deserve compensation 🙂
    2. 61845000 miles

  10. has the best flight status information; gate agents don’t always know a flight is cancelled or delayed until some time after does.

    61,845,000 miles.

  11. 1) Splurge on the mileage cost, and be sure to fly business class (or first) on an international ticket. You’ll feel special, enjoy the travel more, and never want to go back to coach!

    2) 61,845,000 miles

  12. a) Start collecting miles early. Every single one counts. Believe me!

    b) Unbelievable 61 million!!!!

  13. 1. If you’re on the plane and delayed for take-off, call AA customer service to rebook your connecting flight before others get to it and avoid a headache later.

    2. 61,845,000 miles.

  14. 1) Sign up for an AAdvantage account(duh),an Aadvantage credit card, and use the credit card to buy your ticket.
    2) 61,845,000 miles

  15. 1. Sign up everyone in the family an AA account, including those kidos, as their miles will easily buy short haul one way tickets! No amount is too small if you can transfer points with the flexible type accounts (UE, SPG and MR)
    2. 61,845,000 miles

  16. 1. Fly through DFW if you have a choice. It’s one of the most well-organized fortress hubs out there, and weather delays are less common than at their other hubs like ORD, LAX, or JFK.

    2. 61,845,000

  17. The golden rule goes a long way when dealing with airline and airport employees (and even fellow passengers). I actually saw this number in a story the other day, along with the highest amount earned – it was like, whoa…..61,845,000 miles.

  18. 1. Fly enough with American and invest time on Boarding Area blogs, FlyerTalk, and MilePoint, and you too can be flying in First Class someday at non-First class prices.

    2. 61,845,000 miles.

  19. 1. Apply for the Citi AA cards with two-browser trick to build up miles faster.
    2. 61,845,000 miles

  20. 1. sign up for flight notifications via text (and find out about flight cancellations and delays before the gate agents make announcement to the general public – gives you a headstart on rebooking on the phone)
    2. 61,845,000 miles

  21. 1. Get a DC/USB power adapter for your laptop. Most AA flights(even international) have DC power on the seats even in Y.
    2. 61845000 miles

  22. 1. Sign up for Starwood hotel Amex card, 20,000 Starwood points from signup can become 25,000 AA miles when you transfer

    2. Answer is 61,845,000 miles

  23. 1) Upgrade certs are valuable and usable.
    2) Sixty one million, eight hundred forty five thousand and 00/100.

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