Comical Spirit Airlines Fee of the Month

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Spirit Airlines charges fees for just about everything.  It is part of their business model and I understand that.  I value flight volume over flight comfort and admit I am willing to fly them if the price is right (after adding in all the fees).  With that being said, it does not change the fact that some of the fees Spirit charges are downright hilarious.

This month’s Comical Spirit Airlines Fee of the Month goes to one of their THREE versions of the ‘Close-In Award Booking Fee’.  Generally airlines charge a close-in booking fee for award travel booked approximately 21 days before travel.  There is some logic to this which I won’t explore here.  Spirit Airlines, as your airline fee leader, has taken the close-in award booking fee to a whole new level…..well three to be exact.

spiritMake up your mind already!

Yes, you read that right.  There is a 15 dollar ‘Close-In Award Booking Fee’ for awards booked less than 6 months out! Really?!  I know the early bird gets the worm but c’mon.  I don’t even know where I’ll be 6 days from now, much less 6 months!

Stay tuned for next month’s Spirit Airlines Comical Fee of the Month.

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  1. Any charges for lavatory yet? Do they charge for use of the oxygen masks yet? I can see a surcharge in the future- need to use the evac slide, thats a fee too. I simply refuse to fly them.

  2. why refuse to fly them? they are upfront about all fees. Look at all the facts then buy the cheapest/fastest flight to your destination. Seems silly to refuse to fly someone just because their ala carte pricing is diff than what you are used to.

  3. KS1, I agreee. I used to fly them to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic quite a bit. The tickets were substantially cheaper even including everything. Now I don’t fly them because I rarely find that they will save me much money at all.

  4. @KS1 So I see your point and it’s valid. My past frustration lies with trying to compare apples to apples between them and other airlines when booking flights. How much effort is needed to figure out the end cost if the various fees are buried? I’ve done some fare comparisons with them and they weren’t the least cost option heading to FL for my itin. One of my other challenges is their seatpitch being one of the lowest in the industry which makes it harder for me to fit my 6’7 frame into.

  5. Can’t believe no one mentioned that last line:
    “Customers redeeming an off peak reward must pay any award redemption fee with their Free Spirit TM MasterCard {R}”

    WTF ? You must obtain and use their credit card just to redeem miles? And does that mean that if you are turned down for the card, you can’t use those miles at all?

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