Hyatt $50 Gift Card Giveaway – Let’s Hear From The Lurkers

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We are continually amazed at the momentum Points, Miles & Martinis is making. From its humbling beginnings in 2009 over on Blogger, Points, Miles & Martinis is starting to gain real traction. Readership continues to grow month to month as we continuously strive to provide more useful and interesting content for our readers. Since the last time we mentioned a word about Points, Miles & Martinis our unique page views have doubled. We are proud of the growth yet humbled at the same time.

Amazing how fast we’ve moved up the Technorati rankings in 4 months. Last time we mentioned it, we were tied for #122 in the travel section. Now we are up to #28 and in good company.

By A Nose

We know that only timely, valuable and relevant content will continue to keep you coming back.

The Points, Miles and Martini’s Team Has Grown

To continue the momentum, we’ve recently added Alex to the Points, Miles and Martinis team. You’ll notice a post from him when the “posted by” under the title says Alex vs The Weekly Flyer.

Alex loves to travel. He does it a lot and does it well.  He’s logged over 100,000 flight miles for the past 4 years. Alex uses points and miles to power his passion. He has a slightly different approach to travel that The Weekly Flyer. He strives to experience the far reaches of the globe.

He’s already shared with us a few trips among many other things.

Alex has confessed to being a 2 year Boarding Area lurker, reading the blogs daily and learning so much but not knowing how and where best to contribute. Alex’s lurking past and knowing there are many of you like him out there, has inspired us to launch our next Giveaway.

“Let’s hear from the Lurkers!” Giveaway

As we continue to grow Points, Miles, and Martinis, we want to discover new perspectives to better tailor our content.

  • Specifically, we want to hear from you Lurkers (and non-Lurkers)
  • We’re asking you to share with us what you’d like to see more and less of here on Points, Miles & Martinis

So we are putting our money where our mouth is and placing a $50 Hyatt Gift card on the line! 

Who is a Lurker

You are a frequent reader, but an infrequent commenter on Points, Miles and Martinis.

Promotion Details

  • One winner will be selected at random
  • Submissions will be accepted up until Tuesday, March 12 @ 8 PM EST

How to participate in the Giveaway

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. What do you like the most about the blog?
  2. What do you like the least about the blog?

Candid and constructive responses are greatly appreciated.  We want to know how we can do better!

Thanks for reading and participating in our little promotion.

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  1. More “how to” pieces, maybe a tutorial leading up to the Grand Slam. Less pictures of hotel mini bars.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in travel. I love to hear more on how to get free or minimal cost hotel stay and perks. Thanks.

  3. Really like the blog. Would like to see more (on Boarding Area in general) about something other than blowing lots of miles on business or first class international. I do quite well using most of my points on domestic economy tickets, and I think this tactic is often undervalued. I like that this blog tends to put out consistently useful information and has a more professional appearance than others.

  4. Frequent lurker here. Would like to see more specific reviews on hotels and unique ways to gain points. Less on credit card promotions-seems like all the blogs have the same info on the topic. Thanks

  5. What I like the most about the blog?
    It is in a language that is simple enough for people to understand.

    What do you like the least about the blog?
    No frequent giveaways!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I love the basic info and money saving tips. There really isn’t anything that I dislike. Keep up the great work.

  7. Thanks for all of your feedback so far, this is really helpful.

    Sorry I can’t respond to each individually, I running late but wanted to update with a quick constructive note.

    Constructive Summary:
    Do More
    – Tips / Tricks / Tutorials on earning and burning
    – More analysis
    – Keep it professional looking
    – Keep the variety
    – Aspirational trip reports (this is the most fun)

    Do Less
    – “I’m going to be your instincts. Don’t do anything. The less you do, the more you do. Pop it up and do less” – Kunu
    – Less frequent Happy Hour posts

    I hear you all on the Happy Hour posts. They haven’t been the posts with the biggest views, but they aren’t the ones with the least either, so some of you must like / read them:) Thinking constructively, we should go back to the basics on this category. By keeping them less frequent and with a focus on tying them into travel and destinations.

    For Example: Here are two Happy Hour posts. The first Happy Hour post and my most recent. I know which one I like better.

    Most Recent:

  8. I love the Trip Reports/Reviews that you post, such as the post about the Park Hyatt Tokyo Diamond Breakfast. Keep up with the unique and rarely covered material.

    On the other hand, I’m not exactly interested in hearing about drinks with the “PM&M Happy Hour” posts.

  9. Like the trip reports on unusual places. I fall in the less “more info on credit cards” as thoses are everywhere.

  10. Nice tone and subject matter on the blog…keep up the good work. More information on ways to take advantage of hotel deals. Thanks!

  11. New lurker here.. Just getting started in this points/miles thing.

    I enjoy your blog and there’s not much I would add. While I’m not a drinker, I like that you’ve set apart yourself from many of the other points / miles bloggers by adding this little feature. I’ll never read your martini posts, but I like the variety they add to your blog. Keep up the good work and congrats on adding a new guy!

  12. Enjoy the layout and trip reports. More pictures are always appreciated!

    Maybe tie the drinks in more with particular locations and specialties.

  13. It would be nice to find/create a list of the most reasonable priced MR locations in each chain in major cities. Helps cut down on the time of having to sort through all the reservation lists.

  14. More advice on booking complicated or difficult rewards.

    Less low-quality pictures in posts.

  15. keep banging out the ‘points’ opportunities….thanx to info you posted last year, we grabbed the Hyatt credit card, which included 2 nites at any Hyatt….bingo…spent two “FREE” nites at the Buenos Aires Recoleta, Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau….and they upgraded us to a suite!

    Hey, that’s a huge slice of the good life and we owe you!

    Keep posting!

  16. I love boarding area blogs and have a favorite link on my desktop. I like your writing- informative but not overly long and detailed. I like reading a blog by someone who seems to be enjoying what s/he is doing – and u fit that bill.

  17. Hi Larry – Thanks for the feedback.

    The AwardWallet contest gave away upgrade certificates that were not free. They were 30 free certificates that were given to me by the AwardWallet team that would upgrade “ANY” account to an AwardWallet plus account.

    The AA 10% coupons have to be manually picked up at a location, but it is as simple as emailing a code to the winner. Sorry you didn’t like this post, but not everyone can go to the locations to pick them up, and I know for a fact that a lot of people didn’t even know they existed.

  18. Hi Linda – Thanks for the feedback. You are in luck, just posted a hotel strategy today.

    Hi Megan – Welcome to the blog, thanks for reading.

    Hi Andrew – Pictures are the best way to place readers in the location. Am revamping the Happy Hour posts to be less frequent and tie in more with a specific destination or location.

    Hi Nikdro & Bryan – Hotel and trip reports are the most fun. We will be sure to put that in the “do more” category.

    Hi Mike – This is a great idea for a tech start up:)

    Hi Mickey – Thanks for the feedback. I love sharing stories and tips on how to book awards. From getting to Bora Bora on Delta / Korean Air to getting to the Seychelles on Air Seychelles with Sky Miles, we love to help others travel better. The low quality pictures is due to two reasons (1) camera availability and (2) low quality lighting late at night. I’ll keep in mind when adding pictures.

    FSH – Glad you like the blog. The Park Hyatt is at the top of my list in terms of best Hyatt awards. Glad you were able to enjoy it in style for free.

    Singtx – This is a great idea and something we’ve thought about. I read Dan and Marcela’s little blog for this very reason. They always seem to find the restaurants with great food, and take very high quality pictures as well. You can find their blog in my blog roll on the right site of my blog.

    Ognjen – Thanks for the feedback

    Katstarr – Appreciate your kind remarks. Glad you like my “style” :D, we try to keep it simple, unpretentious and fun.

  19. What I like most is tips about hotels. I frequently stay at mid-range hotels as I am a strictly leisure traveler. Any info on them is also appreciated.

    What I like least: Am not interested in drinks.

  20. Love the general style of the blog! Very helpful to have specific topics categorized with easy to get to shortcuts. Also like the variety of topics covered, and, of course, the happy hour recommendations!

    Only improvement that comes to mind would be more detailed “hot to’s”/tutorials for specific tasks such as booking award flights, hotel rooms, etc., for us noobies that can be pinned under the shortcuts.

    Overall, love the blog! Thanks for all your efforts and willingness to share your knowledge/experience!

  21. I like the strategies. I liked your demonstration of the extra points earned hotel hopping.

  22. I’m always interested in whether mattress runs are worth it (16 night promo at Hyatt being a good example) so I’d appreciate you doing the math so I don’t have to

  23. Hi Clare – This is good to know. Will make sure to post the mid tier trip reports.

    Hi Joe – Happy to help, is labor of love for sure. Take a look at the tips & trips page. We bucket topics by category airline / hotel / car / etc. Maybe we can add some more newbie info there.

    Hi MB – Thanks for feedback, appreciated.

    Hi Michael –
    The Approach:

    The Math:

  24. 1) Compare hotel’s program cash and points option.

    2) Availability of properties in overseas destinations.

  25. I focus so much on hacking flights, I forget how expensive hotels can be too! Keep up the good work.

  26. I love the posts showing how to maximize earning potential from stays at hotels, like the one this Saturday. Keep ’em coming! I also like to see comparisons between relative value of various loyalty programs — sort of a price-to-value analysis based on what you have to spend (stays/flights/$) to earn specific benefits.

  27. Less drink recipes and first world problem gripes and more practical miles and points how to’s and Alex trip reports

  28. I like posts about how to maximize points in a different kind of way (ie: your hotel post you just made). I’m not a huge fan of the martini posts. hehe.

  29. I would like to hear more detailed trip reports, particularly with a critical eye.

    Less of nothing in particular. Keep up the good work!

  30. As a loyal lurker, I will read anything about travel. I guess I don’t really read the drink recipe posts too closely because I love a classic martini! Keep up the good work.

  31. i agree with the reader that said “”detailed “hot to’s”/tutorials for specific tasks such as booking award flights, hotel rooms, etc.,.” While booking is easy for you, for some of us we need a step by step. also, something i dont think i have seen covered on any of the blogs is how to rent a car for little or no money. I know there has to be a way! I have United miles, hyatt, hilton, spg, etc, but dont have a clue if any can be used for rental cars. Love the drink recipes!

  32. I really like the awards information and contest details.
    I also love the blogs look and feel.

    I have no negatives to mention keep up the good work.

  33. i really like your blog! using yours & other blogs, i feel, as a newbie, not so new : )
    i would love to see tutorials on how to use aerplan and ana to book travel.

  34. More points and earning schemes, relevant news items.
    Less credit card offers & drink recipes.

  35. Love Happy Hour!!! duh your blog is called Points, Miles & Martinis.

    I would like to see best drink of the trip, when you write posts on your travels and vacations.

    I love your blog that way it is….can’t get enough! luker #96

  36. I like the discussions on the trip and hotel experiences. As a non-drinker the drink recipes do not appeal to me.

  37. Hi Ari – Thanks for reading and playing in all of our contests. As you know, it’s a numbers game since we use to select winners. You’re a winner anyway :), your day will come.

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