British Airways Avios Bonus Offer – Great For Short And Long Haul Flights

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We first acquired the British Airways credit card back in 2009 when they offered a huge (expired) bonus offer. Since then, British Airways changed their award program from miles to Avios points forever changing British Airways awards. But the Avios points have their own benefits, which you can receive with a new British Airways Avios bonus point offer. 

British Airways Short Haul Awards

One of the great benefits of the British Airways Avios program is the relatively small amount of points required for short haul flights. You can redeem as little as 4,500 for a domestic round trip ticket. To see how many Avios points are required check out the British Airways Avios calculator.

As an example, if you want to travel from Miami to Turks and Caicos, a one-way coach ticket will only require 4,500 Avios points. That is a great deal!

Select your flight from MIA to PLS using British Airways partner American Airlines. On a random day, there were two flights available with 7 coach award seats each.

British Airways Avios Bonus Offer

Only 14 Coach Seats Available On A Random Day

Select your flight and see that it only requires 4,500 points and $23.70 for a one-way ticket to an island with some of the best beaches in the world!

British Airways Avios Bonus Offer

Only 4,500 Points And $23 Bucks

So you can see here that British Airways Avios points offer a tremendous value for short haul flights. Grace Bay on Providenciales, Turks-Caicos was one of our favorite weekend getaways. For only 4,500 Avios points each way, why would you not hop over to Providenciales for a long weekend?

Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

For another example, I demonstrated in this post, how I redeemed only 7,500 Avios points for a one-way domestic coach ticket from Atlanta to Dallas for the OWMD. My other favorite redemption is NYC to Montreal.

British Airways Long Haul Awards

On face value British Airways Avios points are not the greatest deal when it comes to long haul since they impose high fees on their awards. However there are some gem redemptions that have recently surfaced.

There has been some great reporting over the last few days by fellow travel bloggers. I learned about the option to fly British Airways to Ireland from Boston on partner carrier Air Lingus from Lucky over at One Mile At A Time. Boston to Ireland is a relatively short flight so only prices out at 25,000 in coach for only $146.28 in taxes and fees, and that is round trip pricing. In addition, Million Mile Secrets reported there are no major fees when you book a ticket originating in Brazil. So if you live there, or can get yourself down to Brazil, you can minimize the additional fees and actually make the long haul pricing work for you.

British Airways Avios Bonus Offer

British Airways is offering a fairly good deal here with the British Airways Avios bonus point offer. In our next post, we’ll share another tip about a great British Airways program benefit.

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  1. I personally don’t understand why several bloggers advertise some awards as one-way only. It seems like a way of advertising the better half of the story. I just don’t know what person will be redeeming a one-way ticket to Turks & Caicos, but that’s just my opinion. I guess I can understand it in some circumstances, but not in the majority of them.

    While MIA-PLS is only 4500 Avios + $23, the return flight that you’ll surely need to book is 4500 Avios + $99. Readers would probably like to know that as its the ‘worse’ half of the story. The Avios redemption is still AMAZING vs. what ticket prices usually go for on this route. Just want all the information to be out there. Thanks.

  2. Hi Infamousdx – Thanks for the comment. One-way pricing is indicative of one-way pricing on the route specified. Some bloggers price things out since there are Star and OW one-way awards available (i.e., not everyone goes from point A>B>A). Instead of traveling back to MIA one could easily hop on the UA flight back to the New York area on a Star one-way award.

    Here is the full picture on MIA>PLS>MIA. All in pricing for a round trip MIA > PLS is 122.90 + 9,000 Avios points. This is a great deal for sure.

    Since AA prices on a sample date in Sept (low season) are around $550, you’ll have an Avois point value of about $0.0478 ((550-122)/9000). This is a great deal and is not even high season.

    Thanks again for the comment and for reading.

  3. I personally don’t understand why people complain about anything and everything.

  4. @WeeklyFlyer — I also got this card back in December 2009, cancelled January 2011. Did you get this card again using this current offer?

  5. How on earth do you find Aer Libgus, etc flights through BA’s booking website. Partner search always return little to no options. I can see options & availability using Qantas website. Seems very difficult to me.


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