Up to 25,000 Bonus Miles Offer from United

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I received the following targeted email from United today.  I logged into a website called United Map Your Dreams and received my offer.  The deal basically offers bonus miles based on the number of round trips flown on United over the next couple months.  In my case, 4 round trip flights earns 25,000 bonus miles in total.  I did not read any restrictions on fare class in the T&C.

Here is the link to a generic page where you can log in to potentially receive your offer.

image My offer details

My take

I am a dedicated Southwest flyer and loathe going through O’hare for weekly travel.  However I ran the numbers on this targeted promotion and I just can’t pass it up.  I value United miles at approximately 2 cents per mile so for each round trip I fly (assuming I do 4), I am collecting 125 dollars in value. Even with my 100% bonus on Southwest as A-List Preferred, I get nowhere near that value per round trip.

Has anyone else received this offer?  Are there variations of this offer out there?

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Alex loves to travel and does so a lot. Logging 100,000 flight miles each year over the past 4 years, Alex uses points and miles to power his passion. Alex is continuously striving to experience the far reaches of the globe. In his day job, Alex is a Management Consultant frequently on the road advising Technology organizations. I love thinking about, reading about, and talking about all things travel. Feel free to reach me at pmmalex@gmail.com

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  1. I got the same general offer, but it’s 5k after 2 flights, 10k after 3 flights and 25k after 5 flights. Still seems like a good deal, I’ve got some travel coming up anyway so this certainly makes United look a little more attractive.

  2. 5/8/9 for me, I guess I fly enough on United that I don’t need 25K worth of motivation to fly them more. And they’re right, still gonna fly another 50K this year without that offer.

  3. Looks like it’s capped at 25K miles, but the exact number of flights to get there varies. I recall SMI/J telling a reporter a while back that United is going to be trying a lot of these variable offers.

  4. Registered thru the link and got the following message

    Earn 5,000 bonus award miles for 1 roundtrip, 10,000 bonus award miles for 2 roundtrips and a maximum of 25,000 bonus award miles for 4 roundtrips. Just purchase and fly on United before July 15, 2012, to any of the more than 370 destinations we serve.

  5. “According to our records, you are not eligible to participate in this promotion.”

    Too bad, since I have a couple of trips coming up. I wonder what the criteria was.

  6. Terms & conditions:
    1. Offer valid only for original recipients of email or direct mail invitation

  7. Wonder if this offer is only valid for Chase CO/UA credit card holders? I received the 5k/10k/25k offer, and am a Continental OnePass Plus MasterCard holder (recently converted to United MileagePlus Explorer MasterCard).

  8. Got this offer – 5000 miles for 6 RT, 10000 for 7, 25000 for 8. I’m a 1K.

    Can anyone figure out whether this applies to travel that I already booked? I already had 5 RTs booked for the promotion period (4/15-7/15) but from reading the T&C I can’t figure out whether those count towards it or whether they don’t because the tickets were purchased before I registered.

  9. Not sure if this is valid statement, I tried to register my wife and her mom which do not have any status, both are NOT qualified. I have no issue since I have status with CO/UA

  10. I’m 1K.

    Here’s my offer:


    xxxxx, earn 5,000 bonus award miles for 3 roundtrips, 10,000 bonus award miles for 4 roundtrips and a maximum of 25,000 bonus award miles for 6 roundtrips.

    Now book your trip on United and complete your travel before July 15, 2012, to any of the more than 370 destinations we serve.

  11. I just spoke to a Mileage Plus representative re: why I am not eligible for this promotion since I am a 1K member and have logged over 40,000 miles this year. The answer: you already fly and basically we are not going to reward you for something you are already going to do – that is fly with us. I have been a loyal UA customer and have watched their program deteriorate. Upgrades are almost impossible to get either in the US or more importantly overseas.

  12. Sucks for me… mine is

    5,000 bonus award miles – 3 roundtrips
    10,000 bonus award miles – 4 roundtrips
    25,000 bonus award miles – 6 roundtrips

    But well I travel every week. Already down 3 rounds. Going for 3 week long vacation, and then will try to get as many after that as possible. Wish I had the 25k for 4 offer.

  13. 5,000 bonus award miles – 1 roundtrip
    10,000 bonus award miles – 2 roundtrips
    25,000 bonus award miles – 4 roundtrips

    Wish I’d get it for the ticket that I paid for then cancelled. (non-refundable)

    Trying a
    SAT-DEN-ORD returning

    Technically it meets the terms for a roundtrip, in terms of origin to destination, returning from destination, but I had to plug in the specific flights – $378 total, as opposed to $590 for a straight r/t routing. Lol.

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