Greetings from the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich

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I am fresh off my first ever International First Class flight and all I have to say is WOW!  I flew on a Lufthansa A330-300 overnight from Dulles to Munich en route to Norway.  It was the ‘old’ First Class product though that doesn’t mean much to someone who has never flown International First Class.  I hate to admit this but I don’t think I have ever even seen an International First Class seat up close and personal!  All boarding for economy generally occurs in front of or behind Business Class and I can’t ever remember walking through an International First Class cabin.

Admittedly I was a bit of a fish out of water as a novice up in First.  There were a few things I had trouble with:

The Seat

The seat is massive with so many compartments.  For a first timer, it simply takes a lot of exploring to find what you are looking for such as the entertainment system, lighting, and seat controls.


Eating Caviar

I had to order it!  Unfortunately I wasn’t really thinking about how one eats Caviar.  The flight attendant offered toast, which I politely declined.  After she said, “Are you sure?” I realized I was probably missing something.  I laughed and confessed my lack of knowledge.  She then recommended straight Vodka to complement the caviar and toast.  Of course I accepted that offer.  Pardon my ignorance, but I still don’t know what that yellow bag was for.


Knowing when to stop Drinking Champagne

The Laurent-Perrier Champagne flows freely up in First.  The flight attendant kept my glass full the whole time.  Unfortunately I was having so much fun I wasn’t paying attention to how much I was having to drink.  Combine the Vodka, Port, German Beer and Champagne and you can see why I currently have a First Class hangover.  Ughhhhhh.

‘First’ Impressions

I slept great, I ate great, and I simply didn’t want to leave the plane when we landed!  Now I know what everyone else is talking about!

Thankfully it is noon here (6AM my body’s time) and this is Germany.  This should help cure my headache.  Stay tuned for the trip report.


P.S.  I just received the best words you can hear from the Lounge agent…..”Your flight to Oslo is on a remote stand”.

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  1. Did it have a piece of fruit (looks like lime or lemon) in there? If so, the bag is a strainer so that you can squeeze the juice out without getting pulp or pips on your food.

    Think of everything, these Germans…

  2. Bag is to squeeze lemon juice out of lemon. The remote stand is music to ears. This means you’ll take the mercedes transport to the plane. Wait until you return, you step off the plane and head to the mercedes while the bus will pick up 95% of other passengers. Its pretty fun to live large once in a while with Lufthansa F.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks!
    It somehow reminds me of an own experience on a different level. I usually fly coach class with a few exceptions when I score an update to domestic first class.
    Last year I was lucky to get upgraded on a Delta flight from SFO to JFK which meant flying Business class!
    I realize it is not quite the same though in a certain sense it was.
    I played a little bit around with the seat controls, enjoyed the food and drinks and during meal service we (my significant other and I) also were not quite sure how to “handle” everything. We sat in row 1, so we had to wait for the others to get their stuff, so we could see what to do 😉
    I don’t remember the details but that feeling of living large, being a first timer, and all.

  4. Sehr schoen mein Herr! Now you will be spoiled for anything else. I can slso remember that “wow” feeling sitting there the first time! And that car ride… (I’ve been in the van as well and even though it’s not as “cool” it was so neat driving among all those airplanes on the tarmac – literally under the tail sections of about half a dozen 747s,777s and A380s – that will never get old for an airplane geek like me!

  5. I just came through the first class lounge in Munich yesterday and had a Porsche drive me from the plane to the lounge and a Mercedes drive me from the lounge to my remote gate! It was awesome and the lounge is fantastic! Now if I could just sleep on a flight…

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