Travel Momentos – We Leave Only Footprints But Take More Than Memories

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I like the travel quote “Leave only footprints, take only memories” because it reminds me of the important things while traveling. Making memories is the most important aspect of travel for us. We love making memories by experiencing new places, activities, cultures and just spending time together.

Each new place we visit gets their own space in our memories and photo albums. But when traveling to knew places we might see items that are tempting to take back home. You could come across black pearls from French Polynesia or Conidae sea shells from the Seychelles. We try to avoid picking up items while traveling, except for maybe one little momento which we’ll share in a moment.

Getting a little sand stuck between your toes doesn’t count as taking more than a memory in our book.

Favorite Beach In St John

And nothing lasts longer than catching a sunset at a mountain lake.

Favorite Beach In Lake Tahoe

Or taking in a sunrise with someone you love on a remote island.

Sunrise In The Pacific

We leave the fancy black pearls and lava rocks behind. After all, we wouldn’t want to test the Pele myth.

My Favorite Travel Momento Comes In Handy On July Fourth Every Year

But there is one item we can’t resist picking up during a trip. This fourth of July is the best time to bring out our favorite travel momento, the koozie. I know it isn’t a fancy luxury item or a piece of local art treasure, but for us, it’s the perfect travel souvenir.

The koozie keeps your beer cold, your hands warm, and the discussion down travel memory lane flowing 🙂


Keeping Beers Cold And Hands Warm

What is your favorite memory, piece of local art, momento, souvenir, tchotchke, trinket, or even knickknack that you treasure from a vacation?

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  1. Christmas decorations for us! It great each year to pull out the decorations and reminiss. Eventually I want a travel tree only!

  2. You may have gotten the saying backward…I think you leave footprints and take memories

  3. Magnets & Postcards! I buy magnets wherever we have gone. I made a magnet board that hangs on the wall and I just have to add the new magnets to it after a trip. They are small, so I do not have to add weight to my luggage and they are inexpensive, so I do not have to feel guilty if I end up with 5 or 6 on a trip.

    Postcards can also be a good souvenir. I am talking about the postcards that you see in Europe which are similar to small art prints, not the ones that have “Wish You Were Here” plastered across them. I then frame the postcards and use that to decorate my house. These are also inexpensive and lightweight.

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