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We have reaffirmed how much we like AwardWallet after our recent move this week. I never imagined how much time the service could save me when I first signed up for an AwardWallet account. Moving to a new address can be a pain and very time consuming. But when you have to change your address across 30+ loyalty programs you can have a nightmare on your hands.

Another AwardWallet Benefit Saves Time

Thankfully AwardWallet has one click sign-in to loyalty accounts. This is something I learned as recently as this year. You can save time with their one click sign-in to quickly log into each of your loyalty accounts.

I’ve shared my favorite aspects of the AwardWallet program in the past. Now it is your turn.

How To Win A Free Upgrade To AwardWallet Plus Account

Leave a comment in this post with your best trick to save time earning or burning loyalty program points and miles.

  • Example: “I moved this week and to save time I logged into each of my loyalty accounts through AwardWallet in order to change my address”

Promotion Details

  • One entry per person
  • The winner will be selected at random on Tuesday August 21, 2012
  • The winner will receive 1 upgrade promotion code to AwardWallet Plus
  • This promotion code is good on existing accounts

Good luck and thanks for reading our blog.

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  1. I save time by using AwardWallet on a daily basis to see if I have enough points in any program to book my next trip!

  2. I like to bookmark the AwardWallet page so I can look at my balance anytime with just one click!

  3. I love my award wallet. Keeping track of mine and hubby’s can be daunting!! Now the kids too!!!

  4. Awardwallet has saved me more than once from not noticing that miles were about to expire!

  5. I save time with the award wallet iPhone app. I can see if my points posted from various hotels, car rentals, and flights from my business trips

  6. I use an Excel spreadsheet to track programs – but would love to move over to AwardWallet.!

  7. I love award wallet! I love the feature that sends out an email every weekend about updated point totals.

  8. I save time with the award wallet iPhone app. I can see if my points posted from various hotels, car rentals, and flights from my business trips

  9. AwardWallet rocks. They pack so much info into their website- They don’t waste my time with a welcome screen, they cut straight to the chase. I click on my bookmark and there are my 65 accounts. To be able to download all the info in a PDF or Excel spreadsheet with one click is excellent. Every month or two I print out the PDF and keep the hard copy in my travel file. Excellent example of a well thought-out travel tool.

  10. I like AwardWallet because I can choose to save passwords on my own computer instead of saving them on their database.

  11. A quick glance at the arrow up/down indicating an increase or decrease in the loyalty program balances makes it easy to track program activity!

  12. Award Wallet saves me so much time it’s hard to quantify. Whether it’s telling me my points are going to expire to letting me know that my balance has changed. It’s my one stop shop!

  13. I use award wallet for five of my family members tracking 23 accounts in all which has helped me enormously to keep track. However I wish there was a way to track AA miles

  14. I love award wallet to alert me of points expiring and making sure I earn accurate point total.

  15. I check award wallet to make sure that none of my airline and hotel miles and points will be expiring any time soon.

  16. I use the AwardWallet app on my iPhone! It’s great because I can find out all my different account numbers (and balances!) and not carry 15+ different loyalty cards in my wallet.

  17. I wait for Award Wallet to send me new reservation notices and verify the info is correct

  18. I keep reward wallet open all the time. and manage all my travel accounts. One button push gives me all changes across the board.

  19. Awardwallet keeps track of all my existing travel bookings as well as my points and miles!

  20. I always use award wallet to log in to all my loyalty program accounts, too many passwords to remember.

  21. I use AwardWallet to make sure my miles post to my account so I don’t loose any chance to earn miles.

  22. I use the mobile app from award wallet to shoe the loyal customer number every time I travel or someone else did the booking.

  23. Saves time? May be an overkill, but I refresh my balances on Awardwallet on a DAILY basis just so I get the big picture of what’s changed and not, and …plan from there.

  24. I like the fact they keep checking your flight info and if theres any change, you get notified.

  25. Award wallet also automatically signs you up for BigCrumbs and similar sites so that you earn cashback if you were thinking about logging into your account and redeeming miles or purchasing something.

  26. Award wallet actually saved me money recently. I was not aware of an award I had earned in one of my store frequent buyer programs. I quickly printed out the coupon and saved real cash.

    Thank you award wallet!

  27. I keep track of really seldom used FF accounts with Award Wallet to make sure my points don’t expire

  28. i use award wallet because it’s so automated at tracking my weekly travel schedules with flights, hotel, car rentals… so useful…

  29. I love how AwardWallet informs you of itinerary or seat changes better then the actual airlines do. I save a lot of time by have full view of my upcoming reservations so I don’t miss to book a car rental, hotel, etc.

  30. I save time using awardwallet by linking my family’s accounts and tracking everything together.

  31. I keep track of all the miles/points for the whole family and can always knw when something is about to expire for any of us (and take defensive action)

  32. Ha ha!… I am about to move and was literally discussing how much easier changing my mailing address will be with awardwallet and mint yesterday.

    An added bonus is tracking the whole family’s accounts on one screen.

  33. I love award wallet!!! I track 96 accounts for 5 family members and basically check it every day or every other day! They even emailed me about some upcoming expiring miles. Didn’t know about the change of address thing, but what a great feature.

  34. The ability to see the expiry dates on accounts as well as any e-certs, upgrade certs etc is a big plus when you manage multiple accounts and Award Wallet has been awsome in that regard.

  35. I like the Awardwallet Android app which has all of my loyalty numbers in one place, wherever I happen to be in the world.

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