Live Delta Platinum Status Earning Flight With A Little Help From A Credit Card

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There are many ways to get to Delta elite status quicker. Thanks to a little help, I am on my way to Platinum status with Delta right now. My flight tonight will put me over the Delta 75,000 MQM threshold and I’ll earn another year of Delta Platinum Benefits with Delta. But I have to admit, I had a little bit of help to put me over the 75,000 MQM threshold.

Delta’s 75,000 MQM Threshold To Earn Platinum Status

With my recent application for the Delta Reserve Card From American Express and subsequent approval, I earned an additional 10,000 Delta MQMs that put me close to the 75,000 threshold. My flight tonight will put me over the top by a few hundred MQMs. This was a little earlier than expected because the 10,000 MQMs earned from the Delta Reserve card posted this morning. Airline Credit Cards

Delta Platinum Status Earning Flight

I’ll make Platinum status by a hair, 82 miles to be exact. But I couldn’t have crossed this milestone this soon without a little help from the Delta Reserve card. Now I have a shot at making Diamond status on Delta. If I don’t get to the 125,000 MQMs required for Delta Diamond status, any MQMs earned over 75,000 will be carried over to next year for an earlier start on Diamond status. Airline Credit Cards

Delta Platinum Status Earning Flight

Update: I still have a ways to until I cross the milestone. Plenty of time for a cocktail or two.

Delta Platinum Status Earning Flight

Celebrating With Have One On US Coupon

(Sarcasm On)

This is a very special occasion that Delta wanted to recognize. To celebrate reaching the Platinum Elite status milestone, Delta provided me with a very special one-time use Have One On Us certificate.

Have One On Us

(Sarcasm Off).

This certificate will be redeemed at least once onboard my Delta flight for one of the best cocktails in the sky. Anyone can receive a Have One On Us certificate as a Delta elite member by taking a few steps I outlined in a previous post.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to get to Delta elite status quicker. Applying for and meeting the spending requirement on the Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express is just one way to get to the next Medallion Qualifying threshold quicker.

How many of you that have or will cross the Platinum threshold are you going for Delta Diamond status this year?

The alternative is to stay under the 125,000 Diamond status MQM threshold in order to carry over MQMs for the next elite qualification year. The Diamond status will get you a 125% bonus, complimentary access to the SkyClub, and a higher priority on the upgrade list.

Airline Credit Cards

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  1. If I have the AMX Delta Platinum card so I dont think I can get the Reserve Card and get the benifits per the rules I have read. Is that the way you understand it as well?

  2. sam – you can get at least the difference between the bonus you got with platinum and the one you should get for the reserve. I have both cards and was able to get the full 10k bonus on first purchase though I had to ask for it from the agent I spoke with for the application. One note – if you switch the annual spend requirement starts from $0 for the threshold bonuses on the new card. However, this also means that you can get the mqms from the platinum and the reserve in the same year (50,000 mqms) if you have enough spend.

  3. You will 40k MQM the first year and not 45K MQM with the Delta Reserve if you spend $60k.

  4. Thanks! It is a delima for me. I am close to Plat status and may get there if I take a business trip to AU next month. Not sure it will happen though. Also, I have the AMX Plat already so i am not sure the cost of the Delta Reserve is worth it. I guess it is a good problem to have 🙂

  5. I have two Delta Am Ex Cards: The Platinum American Express Sky Miles Delta Card which many of my staff have and the American Express Business Platinum Card which gives me free entry to three airline clubs including Denver whenever I have a Delta or one of the other clubs tickets. This Platinum Card costs $ 450 a year already and comes with the concierge services, etc.

    I am 3,450 miles away from Platinum status. The other Am Ex card I have gives you 10,000 MQM miles for every $ 30,000 you spend. So far we have spent $ 60,000 this year so I just got my second 10,000 MQM. I don’t think they offer a third tier of 10,000 miles if you get up to $ 90,000 in spending. I did not see that in the rules.

    So from what I read, I am not sure if this card would do me any good or not. I only have (so far) 12 more flight segments (I have to fly through Atlanta to get anywhere from my hometown) so far this year so I’ll definitely be Platinum but will be probably far away from Diamond. If I remember correctly, don’t you roll over and start at “zero” (not even silver) in 2013 if you don’t have at least 25,000 roll-over miles?

    I’m not sure I’ll get anything worthwhile from this card or not other than paying two $ 450 fees and I already get club access from the Platinum Card.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Andrew – There is probably an cheaper way for you to hit Platinum status since you are so close with only ~3,400 miles shy of 75,000. Just pick up a cheap fare to the west coast for a weekend getaway or quick bite to eat 🙂

  7. I have the platinum personal card, if I understand correctly, I cannot get the ‘bonus’ new card miles if I upgrade to personal reserve, but I could if I get a business reserve.
    I am not a business. They ask for a tax ID number. Am I out of luck? I need the bonus to reach platinum.

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