Best Delta 777 Business Class Seat – For Infant In Arms

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I realize there may be big disagreements with “the best seat” on Delta’s 777 in their lie-flat Business Class seats. We had some trouble selecting our seats for a four hour trip onboard Delta’s best plane, the Boeing 777 in their lie-flat Business Class seats. But the good news is that every seat was wide open at the time the puctures below were taken. So we had the our choice available.

Ultimately we selected seats 6 A and 7 A. We selected 7 A because it is directly across from a wall in the back of the cabin. Just in case Baby Weekly Flyer speaks up during this middle of the day 4 hour flight, we’d be next to the galley. Baby Weekly Flyer’s first flight was flawless so anticipate this to be the same. Although this flight is a little longer than the first. Extra credit for guessing the ~4 hour route in the 777.


The seat in row 7 on the other side was also up for consideration. But that seat has a lavatory behind it. That would mean a high traffic area so we ruled that out.

Alternatively, we seriously considered the rear cabin in row 14. Did we make the right choice?


So what do you think, what is the best lie-flat Business Class seat on Delta’s 777?

I also know not everyone thinks a baby should be in Business Class or has a right to be in arms. I understand your perspective, but disagree. Even if you are in the camp that thinks “no baby’s in First Class ever,” you must have a preference for where a baby would sit if you ran across one while sitting up front.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good choice to me. The closer you get to coach, the more likely you are to be around more noise and activity…which isn’t good if you are lucky enough to have a sleeping baby.

    I will also add that when you have months between flights with babies, each flight is so different. That isn’t to say your flight will be bad or harder than your first flight, just that it will be different. If you have a laid back happy baby, then they will probably continue to be that way…just in a more curious and mobile sort of way.

    Have fun on your journey!! Before long Baby Weekly Flyer will be able to recite the flying procedures to you. 😉

  2. Hi Winston – You got it right, first guess.

    Hi MommyPoints – That was our thinking. We were just looking for a little space up front for ourselves 🙂 and it seems like row 7 is the best choice. The best part about the flights we selected is they are all during the day time. This allows us to avoid the baby on the red-eye nightmare. Thanks for the tips on flying with baby, we are planning to have an iPad stocked along with a few more things to keep Baby Flyer busy.

  3. 14A was the choice of my 14 year old this year on a flight from ATL – JNB. It is the last row in Business but, due to the herringbone pattern on Delta, it puts the occupant in a little corner/niche/private area.

  4. Interesting post! But the route is easy to guess. C’mon – how many 777 routes does DL operate in four hours? 🙂

  5. Hi Winston – Thankd. You know we’ll report back how it goes:)

    Hi Jason – Good to know. Do you have any pictures you can point to?

    Hi JC – How easy?

    Hi Brian….always churning up trouble you are:)

  6. Those 777 suck man. Maybe the bus of car would be a better choice. It is somewhere 11 hours to drive to my parents or 1&1/2 hours by a short bus plane. If you don’t like flying , figure another another way to get there. Pretend your’e a pilot for a minute. 4 am wake up . To take you somewhere that nobody really cares about.Thank you with love.

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