US To Europe In Business Class For only $1,881.25 With US Airways Buy Miles

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The ability to purchase a Business Class ticket to Europe at a lower cost than some coach tickets is back again. This time US Airways is making the promotion targeted.

But there is good news. They run this promotion often and there is a chance you could be targeted for this promotion.

The US Airways award chart requires 100,000 miles for a Business Class ticket to Europe and only 90,000 miles for a Business Class ticket to North Asia. After only a few simple steps and you could have yourself enough miles for a Business Class ticket to Europe on US Airways or one of their Star Alliance partners.

Step 1) Navigate To US Airways Promotional Offer Page

US Airways is targeting customers with this buy miles promotion. Some are reporting that they didn’t receive the promotion and booked a flight with US Airways within the last 12 months. I can add another data point to validate this because I received the promotion and haven’t flown US Airways in over 2 years.

Step 2) Select Mile Amount To Purchase

Enter your US Airways Dividend Miles number and information. Then select the amount of miles you would like to purchase ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 miles. You’ll receive a 100% bonus on purchased miles through this promotion if targeted for the 100% bonus.

Step 3) Complete Purchase

Maxing out this promotion will get you 100,000 US Airways Dividend miles, enough miles to use on a Business Class award to Europe. The cost, only $1,881.25 plus award booking fees which can be less than Coach Class tickets to Europe let alone the cost of a Business Class ticket.

Terms And Conditions

  • Miles are sold for $0.035 per mile plus a tax recovery charge of 7.5%
  • GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents – again the Canadians are getting special attention (emphasis mine)
  • Miles purchased through Buy, Share or Gift Miles do not count towards Dividend Miles Preferred status
  • All other Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply
  • Miles may be used based on award availability at the time of booking
  • Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift Miles
  • All purchases are non-refundable

Bottom Line

It still amazes me how many people weren’t / aren’t aware of this promotion. Just this past year, I’ve had two sets of friends purchase coach class tickets for more than they could have purchased miles to redeem for Business Class.

The ability to purchase a Business Class ticket to Europe once a year for only $1,881.25 has just became a little more difficult.

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  1. I’m not seeing anything in those screenshots about a bonus – is there any documentation anywhere that substantiates the bonus miles? Screenshots as receipts are helpful when the expected miles don’t post…

  2. “The cost, only $1,881.25 which is less than Coach Class tickets to Europe”

    The coach ticket to Europe from USA is definitely less than $1800. Am I missing something here?

  3. It’s very useful to post this FT golden deal, but rarely are economy tickets between US and Europe $1800 if purchased in advance and if you avoid the major international travel periods. This is a major advantage if redeeming close-in on routes with good C award availability.

    It would be nice to inform your readers about the others charges one would incur when taking advantage of this offer… $50 International redemption charge and some taxes. So in reality it’s a little over $2000. I see no mention that partner awards can only be done over the phone.

    Also the chart you link is only for Partners, not US or partners. Don’t mean to nitpick but saver awards on US are even cheaper (60k) while higher level ones are much more expensive.

    I like your blog, but on the USAir partner topic the intro needs a tad more than just “$1881 to Europe!”. I’ve booked many USAir awards, most recently flown is EU to Sydney to stay at what you call the top Hyatt pick. ūüėČ

  4. you do not need a screen shot, once you enter your name and dividend miles number , if you were targeted you,ll see a message and then when you proceed you,ll see the bonus miles while going through the purchase procedure, if you do not see the message it means you were not targeted. I was targeted and purchased 100k miles, i always do when they offer them, i can fly to Israel, Europe etc for $1880 using mile redemption for business class instead of paying over $4000 for the ticket. My wife and 2 daughters who flew US Airways a few times last year were not targeted for this promo, so i have no idea which criteria they use

  5. None of the screenshots in your post indicate that you got a bonus. They don’t match what you’re describing. From the looks of it you bought 50,000 miles and got no bonus.

    For a new person reading through this, they’d think those screens were normal and expect that if they saw what you posted they’d get 100,000 miles.

  6. Well I haven’t flown with them in over two years and I wasn’t targeted, so I’m not sure you can assume that flying has anything to do with it.

  7. How is availability of these biz class redemptions? I know for UAL a lot of the time it’s almost mission impossible..

  8. well if this is the case and your screen shot is correct, you bought 50000 miles for full price, my wife did this last year by mistake and it is impossible to reverse the transaction. I hope this is not the case.

  9. Pilot – exactly. I bought 50+50 earlier this year and it was CLEAR on the screen that it was 50+50, not “just 50” like it is here.

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