American Airlines Seat Issues Sabotage? Two American Airlines Flights Row Of Seats Come Loose

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First, on Saturday, American Airlines flight 685 from Boston to Miami had a row of seats come loose. Then on Monday, a second flight is reported to have the same issues. Flight 443 from JFK to Miami also had a row of seats come loose mid-flight.

Could these two instances be a case of sabotage or just a case of bad installation of new seats onboard the same type of airplane? Something is up and they need to get to the bottom of it fast.

And I thought seeing duct tape (speed tape) on an American Airlines engine was a bad sign.

It will be interesting to see what the investigation finds.

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Hat Tip: HansGolden

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  1. Not to sound like an AApologist, but something similar happend to a UA 737 back in 2008.

    Jon Pierce, the Director of Social Media at AA had this to say:

    An initial internal investigation into why a row of seats became loose on an American Airlines Boeing 757 bound from Boston to Miami on Saturday has indicated that there could be a possible issue with a certain model of seats and how they fit into the tracking used to secure the seats.

    Out of an abundance of caution, American has decided to proactively reinspect eight 757s today that could possibly have this same issue.

    The seats were installed by American maintenance and contract maintenance. The issue does not seem to be tied to any one maintenance facility or one workgroup.

    I know Jon and I believe him.

    I live her in Dallas and it’s hard not to run into an AA pilot in this town. You can find them at church, school events, Little League Games…..the manager of my Starbuck’s is married to one, they’re regular, upstanding, school board serving, community volunteering types. And while I may not agree with what they’re doing, I’m not ready to belive they’d stoop to the level of loosening a row of seats.

    There’s been a lot of press about what’s going on at AA, and there’s no doubt that the situation with their pilots is out of hand, but even in their anger I don’t think that AA pilots would put passengers at risk or commit a federal crime.

  2. I think suggesting that this might be sabotage with absolutely nothing to back it up is really irresponsible, bordering on unethical.

  3. To return to a profitable business model, AA has to fire people. period.

    Those on the receiving end find it more enticing to force AA’s hand with regards to a merger with US Airways, a more union-friendly carrier.

    AA workers may be upstanding citizens in a personable context, but when faced with a choice between collective termination and the ability to coerce AA into a more favorable contract, the threshold for ethical behavior becomes a lot murkier, especially in today’s economy.

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