Martinis Down Under – Park Hyatt Sydney Part II

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After 5 days at the reef, we returned to the Park Hyatt Sydney for three more nights after having spent 2 previous nights which resulted in me claiming this may be the best Hyatt period. Part I covered most of the hotel itself so head there if you are interested. Part II will focus on the room upgrade and I’ll probably keep repeating how awesomely awesome this hotel is until you are annoyed.

  1. Introduction and Trip Planning
  2. LAX Oneworld First Class Lounge
  3. Qantas A380 LAX to SYD Economy
  4. Park Hyatt Sydney Part I
  5. Sydney Qantas Business Lounge
  6. Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas
  7. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef
  8. Cairns Qantas Club Lounge
  9. Park Hyatt Sydney Part II
  10. Exploring Sydney
  11. Sydney Qantas International First Class Lounge
  12. Qantas 747 SYD to LAX Economy

We repeated the relatively simple commute in from Sydney International and arrived back at this exclusively-located hotel.



The check-in set the tone for this stay with a friendly ‘welcome back’ once they pulled up my reservation.  They let us know we had been upgraded for this stay to the Opera Deluxe room.  Score!  The Park Hyatt Sydney does not have any standard suites so this is the best upgrade one can hope for unless you are willing to shell out several thousand dollars per night.

Our bags were carried up to the room along with us as we entered the room.  One step into the room and it’s easy to see how this took #1 for my favorite rooms in 2012.

While not massive, the room is very, open, modern and the views of the Sydney Opera House are disgusting. (Disgusting meaning incredible!)  Our Opera Deluxe room was located at the point of the hotel that is closest to the Sydney Opera House so not only were the views completely unobstructed, we had the best view from any building in all of Sydney.







There are two full balconies you may choose from to enjoy your incredible view.


If Opera isn’t your thing…


…you can look right to enjoy a full unobstructed Sydney downtown view.  It’s a two for one.


The bathroom is very spacious and was cleverly designed so you can enjoy the view wherever you please.  The peak through bathroom could be closed if you so desire.


Interestingly enough, there is a small mirror in the shower that is positioned so that even when you are showering and faced the other way, you can still enjoy views of the Opera House.


The bathroom featured my favorite Le Labo product, the Bergamote 22.


Toto?  Check.


As was the case on our first stay, the Diamond amenity was a bottle of wine and a simple plate of fruit.


Exceptional Service Moment

Service was incredible throughout both stays but one moment made this stay especially memorable.  We were nearing the end of our stay in Australia and decided we would call down to the concierge for some dinner ideas as we had done on previous nights.  We were feeling extra classy that day so when she was listing off food genres we stopped her on pizza.  She listed a few places but said one she likes was in walking distance from our hotel.  By this point we were in our robes and a bit ‘wined up’ so take-out seemed like a good idea.   When we agreed, the concierge took it a step further and told us to relax and enjoy our view. She’d send someone to walk over and go get it.

Sure enough, our butler/pizza delivery man brought us the pizza, presented a silver platter no less, and brought us a bill to sign so the charge could be added to the room.  Points! Out of interest I researched to see if there was any sort of markup from what the pizza place charges or delivery charge but there was not.  Impressive.

So to end our trip, we enjoyed pizza with a view.


The bottom line

Nearly every aspect of this hotel was overwhelmingly positive. I had the chance to visit my previous favorite Park Hyatt Tokyo a month later to compare.  While the Park Hyatt Tokyo is still one of the premier hotels in the world, I believe the Park Hyatt Sydney is the single best place to use your Hyatt points if you want to experience the best of the best.

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  1. Beautifully written,
    I had a chance to stay in Dec last year for my wife’s bday, and I was also totally impressed, even though I am a Sydney-sider and no longer obsessed about the opera house, it is still a magnificent view which doesn’t age.
    I used a Hyatt certificate – but unfort it has moved up a notch in the range, so more exxy now. But still worth it…

  2. Alex,

    Was your Diamond upgrade at the Park Hyatt Sydney on a paid night, award night, or certificate award night? I’m hearing mixed reports as to when they’re willing to upgrade diamonds at that location. Wondering if it’s going to be worth a status challenge before arriving there for my certificate award nights in July.


  3. Interesting, thanks for the quick reply back. I wonder why some Diamond members aren’t getting upgraded there.

  4. Loved the article! Thank you for the outstanding details.

    I do have a question, however, regarding the great pizza delivery–did you tip? I have been to Australia before but it has been awhile and the tipping practices seem to shift closer to America’s in some parts of the world. Did you tip the butler? Did you tip concierge at the end of the trip?

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