Kauai Day Trip – Queen’s Bath & Secret Beach

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There is never a shortage of things to do or places to see it seems on Kauai. Our two favorite activities on the island are located on the North Shore. The first is called Queen’s Bath because it is pool of water carved out of the rocks and protected from the crashing waves. The second is secret beach on the north shore. It’s not really a secret, but is literally called secret beach and you have to know where you are going to get there.

Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath is a tide pool that is accessible by path. The entrance to the path is located off punahele rd by the Ocean Nine Golf Course.

Parking Spots Near Neighborhood

This path is moderate difficulty and requires walking past a small waterfall, over rocks and along the ocean to arrive at the prize.

Walk to Kauai Queens Bath 2

During our brief visit, we saw many Sea Turtles navigating the current of the water rushing away from the rocks.

Walk to Kauai Queens Bath 4

There are several tide pools open to the ocean. If you see these, keep going, this is not the Queen’s Bath.

Walk to Kauai Queens Bath 5

You’ll notice the calm water when you arrive at Queen’s Bath. But don’t take it for granted, there have been known to be drownings here due to waves crashing over the rocks and the water rushing in. When we visited, it was like a calm warm bath water. Definitely worth the hike.

Kauai Queens Bath 1

Kauai Queens Bath 2

Secret Beach

One of our favorite beaches on Kauai is called Secret Beach. Again, you’ll have to know where you are going to get here, but at least there is a small parking lot located near the entrance.

  • Tip: get there early if you wish to snag a parking spot

Kauai Secret Beach from Pathway

The path down to the beach is very steep at one point. You walk behind foliage until you exit onto a beach with soft sand and clear water.

Kauai Secret Beach from Pathway 3

Kauai Secret Beach from Pathway 2

Kauai Secret Beach 1

The water is calm enough to swim and snorkel but do take note if there is a small current.

Kauai Secret Beach 2

Bottom Line

There are many hidden gems on Kauai which we’ll explore in upcoming articles. Secret Beach and Queen’s Bath are just two of the gems we like to visit when on the island.

Feel free to leave a comment here with your favorite spot on Kauai or check out the comments over on Mommy Point’s post about her upcoming trip to Kauai.

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  1. My husband and I will be going to Kauai in September. I’m greatly looking forward to it since I haven’t been there since I lived there for a bit as a child. Keep going back and forth on going to Queen’s Bath or not due to the dangers, but your pictures make me want to go.

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion! I have been to Maui several times but need to go to Kauai. It’s on the list for next winter to escape the Seattle doldrums.

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