Shhh! More Delta Secrets – Best Business Elite Seat On New Flat-Bed Configured 767 Planes

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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone this little secret I’m about to share with you. If you do, we’ll have everyone fighting for the same seats. The next time you select a Business Elite seat on a Delta flight configured with the flat-bed seats on a 767, select the seat that will offer you more legroom.

Shhh! More Delta Secrets – Best Business Elite Seat On New Flat-Bed Configured 767 Planes

There are only a few seats that offer the additional legroom and if you select them it is sure to help you rest better with a little extra legroom.

So you might have liked that middle seat towards the back of the Business Elite Seat because it felt more private and you didn’t have to worry about any light coming in from the galley. If you select this seat, you’ll have less room to work with for your feet.

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Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Cabin Looking Forward.jpg

Check out the little bulge to the left side of the foot rest area.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat 8C.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat IFE And Legroom.jpg

What about the window seats towards the middle? Nope, they have the same little bulge to the side of the foot rest area. Just take a look at that light blue bulge to the right side of the foot rest area in this pic.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Window Seat.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat 8D.jpg

Now to the secret. Most frequent flyers know this, but I”ll let you in on the secret so you can get the extra room for yourself next time you get an upgrade to Business Elite on a domestic flight configured with international Business Class thanks to earning Delta Platinum status the easy way.

For the best results, select row one. Yes, row one offers extra legroom because there are no seats in front and the extra bulge to the left or right of the foot rest area doesn’t exist. You can see for yourself in the picture below.

Delta 767 Flat Bed IFE and Leg Room

Bottom Line

The next time you fly on one of Delta’s 767 in Business Elite flat-bed seats, remember this little trick and you’ll have some extra legroom. Now remember, don’t tell anyone our little secret.

Next time you are thinking about flying Delta, come back to Points, Miles & Martinis for Delta Secrets or check out our tricks page for a few tricks.

Now for another little secret. Does anyone know why the best seat in row one is seat 1A and why frequent flyers in the know, usually sit on the left side of the plane towards the front?

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  1. Ken does have a point, I likked row 1 but agree that there can be just a minor disturbance from the bathroom lights (emphasis on minor). My choice on this plane has more to do with the armrests, than the little bulge into the legroom. On ONE side of your seat you have a really big, wide armrest with lots of room to spread out. On the other side, you have a tiny little (think Coach seat exit row) armrest. When the little armrest is on the aisle side of your seat (since all seats have aisle access), it feels way less private to me, and people are literally brushing against your shoulder as they all walk by. I make sure to choose the seat where the big wide armrest, is separating my seat from the aisle; it feels WAY more private, almost like you’re in a little compartment. In the odd rows (1, 3, 5 etc) it’s seats A & C. In the even rows, it’s seats B & D. The SeatGuru maps are wrong, they show ALL the wide armrests on the RIGHT side of every seat; when in fact they are staggered (I’ve written to them but they don’t respond, and months later they still have not changed their maps).

  2. Hi Ken Y – Ah, I’ll take more legroom any day of the week. I’ll just put on my eye mask and take a pill to sleep.

    Hi Jim A – Aisle side seats feel much less private for sure.

  3. Why 1a vs 1d. And is the legroom really that much better to sacrifice all the traffic walking by you for the galley/lavatory? Are they close to row 1? Thanks!

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