US Airways Last To The Party? New Portable Electronic Policy–Updates About US Airways Electronics In Flight

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US Airways has now followed the leaders American Airlines, Delta’s and JetBlue’s to rollout new guidelines after the FAA gave their approval to allow electronic devices in flight.

Let me tell you from personal experience how cool it is to use your personal devices below 10,000 feet. Very cool. No longer do you have to turn off your iPad, iPhone or other electronic device as the plane is taking off. Simply turn it into airplane mode and you’ll be in business with reading an article, catching up on a Sudoku puzzle, playing your favorite game, or just snapping pictures out the window like we did during our first experience in the air after the new policies have been rolled out.

Today, US Airways announced that they will now allow use of portable electronic devices while the place is under 10,000 feet, as long as the devices are in airplane mode.

US Airways Electronic Device Policy

US Airways News About Electronics In Flight

We’re excited to announce that you can now use your portable electronic devices under 10,000 feet. That means smaller, handheld approved devices can be used in ‘airplane mode’ during all phases of flight – from taxi to takeoff to landing.
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A few things to note about this new change:

  • Smaller devices can be used on flights within the 50 United States
  • Larger devices, like full-size laptops, must be turned off and stowed during taxi, takeoff and landing
  • Headsets should be used for any audible portable device
  • This update only pertains to mainline flights, but we’re working to implement this policy on our Express carriers as soon as possible

Phone calls are still limited and can be made prior to departure, while the aircraft is parked at the gate, after landing while taxiing to the gate or as advised by the flight crew.

Bottom Line

US Airways did a great job of playing catch up. Only a week or so before they rolled out the new policy after the first movers. Better late than never.

Have you had a chance to fly with the new portable electronic device policy? What did you think?

Probably my happiest moment was no longer having to book a right side of the plane seat to hide the fact that my Bose Noise Cancelling headset is still switched into the “on” position (since the light is on the right ear side flight attendants can’t see it as easily if seated on the right side). What are you most excited about with the new policy?

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  1. I am reporting live in-flight IAH – CLT on US Airways that they no longer threatened to forcibly remove you, lock you in a cage, or take some of your money on behalf of the FAA for using your handheld electronic device during the take-off and landing.

    Also of note – they are still hawking the same “limited time” offer for the US Airways credit card they have been pushing for over 3 years now.

  2. Hi Tocqueville – Long time. See you are back from the Trip of a Million Life Times. How’s the adjustment going back to US Airways from premium cabin international travel?

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