First Flight And Wings From Delta In Baby’s Own Seat

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This was a unique flight. It was our child’s first flight in a separate seat. And if you’ve ever flown with a child, it’s a full time job during the entire flight, unless the baby goes to sleep.

Since this was a relatively short flight, we wanted to make sure Baby Weekly Flyer was entertained throughout the flight. Our strategy was simply, use different entertainment options and constantly change options if attention was drifting. In the end we were a little surprised how long some of the options entertained baby and one in particular.

We had reserved 3 seats in economy. Since I am a Platinum (earning status the easy way) member I was entitled to free Economy Comfort seats. But we couldn’t find 3 Economy Comfort seats together so we settled on a row of regular coach seats. It ended up not being that bad at all.

Delta Economy Comfort Row of 3 Seats

Our first strategy was to pull out the iPad that we had pre-loaded with some free apps and movies.

The Curious George movie was entertaining, but only partially. Not thinking they would do much, we pulled out some stickers to run a dual entertainment track. These stickers were easy to peal off, and non-stick, so we weren’t worried about getting them off the seatback at the end of the flight.

Entertain A Baby On A Flight 1

Boy were we surprised. Ten minutes later and the entire seat back was covered with stickers. Then the process of peeling them off, and repositioning them commenced for the next 20 minutes. Warning, most stickers are not ideal for solid surfaces. The ones we used were easy to peel off and didn’t get “stuck” on the material. Your experience may vary so be careful. I’m sure someone at Delta reading this is squirming seeing these pictures. But don’t worry, they all came off just as easy as they went on.

Entertain A Baby On A Flight 2

The next entertainment strategy was to open the window shade. This was pay dirt. Baby Weekly Flyer is a window seat kind of person for sure.

First Flight Baby 3

First Flight Baby

First Flight Baby 2

And finally, the Delta flight attendant came by for some added entertainment support. Delta gave Baby Weekly Flyer a very first set of wings. Baby Weekly Flyer loved them and held them for the rest of the flight.

Baby Wings From Delta

Bottom Line

We’ll have a more detailed post in the near future with some additional considerations to entertain a baby on a longer flight. But just know that an iPad and a window seat can be your best friend.

Baby Weekly Flyer did well in a separate seat. The entertainment options worked well and a big thanks to Delta for the very first set of wings!

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  1. You were prepared and it looks like you all did great. Happy to hear about families traveling successfully with small ones. Some bloggers make it sound so complicated that I think it scares off some families. Keep on traveling!

  2. Boxes of mixed kid bandaids are a better choice.

    No matter how hard you try, sooner or later there WILL be a meltdown on a plane. Maybe it’s an overly loud announcement waking up toddler just as they are dozing off, you can never tell.

    I used to carry packs of earplugs and drink chits I could offer nearby pax in that eventuality.

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