Scotland Golf Trip – Once In Lifetime Guys Trip

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Here are some words about our guy’s Scotland golf trip summed up in a few paragraphs. Something we’ve been waiting multiple generations to accomplish.

This was a special trip, one that we thought may never happen, and one that slipped past generations before us. My grandfather asked his son (my father), who was at the ripe age of 30, to accompany him on a golfing trip around England and Scotland. But life got in the way. Years passed by. My father never got around to taking his father up on the invitation to spend time as father and son golfing some of the greatest courses where the game of golf began. Business got in the way.

My brother and I, on the other hand, played golf with my grandfather as kids and took that for granted. With each passing year, our grandfather’s game got more recreational. My father on the other hand, had won a junior amateur title, played college golf (with Tom Kite among others), and continued to play as a business man. It was a fun sport to us that allowed us to get on the course as a family. We took lessons on the weekends in town. We learned the game of golf. We were taught to respect the game as kids.

Fast forward. Our father got more busy with work. Our grandfather passed away. We moved on from recreational golf and attended college. Got married. Had kids. Had more kids. Got busy with work and business. The continuum ensued.

It was inevitable we would repeat the same story as our father and grandfather…

As a father now, and as a son, I think about what my grandfather would have thought about when his son was too busy to attend the trip to Scotland with him. I also thought about what it would mean as a father to have your child tour around some of the oldest courses on this golfing trip…

…until we decided to take this trip.

We started out meeting in Miami before catching an American Airlines 777 in First Class to London. We checked out bags which meant we would reconnect with our bags and our clubs in Manchester upon arrival. Which is something we were hyper concerned about.

Our plane pulled away from the gate, and my Dad thought his golf bag was on the tarmac. So he flagged the flight attendant. She called the captain, who stopped the plane, and asked the ground crew if all bags were onboard. They confirmed all bags were onboard. That was a good omen, and we were on our way.

My brother and I chose the middle seats in AA’s First Class, and my father joined us for dinner using the companion seat (i.e. legrest) for dinner. Upon arrival in London, we transited to Manchester. Not before hitting up breakfast in the Concorde Lounge with British Airways. We arrived in Manchester and all of our bags (clothes and clubs) were there. This was indeed a good start to what would end up being a golf trip of a lifetime.

We rented a large van. Since getting used to driving on the other side of the road, my older brother would end up driving the entire trip. We kind of used his “experience” from the first day against him as he was “the only one” who knew how to drive on the wrong side of the road. But it was all good. He liked it and we navigated for him.

Guys driving across England and Scotland for a few days…that happen to be father and sons…definitely a trip that only comes around once in a lifetime. Don’t pass it up if the opportunity presents itself.

Don’t take golf for granted. Make the most of every round, especially with friends and family. What course are you playing next, and who are you playing with?

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  1. Where is the video that is mentioned in this post? I can’t find it. Great theme here BTW, I’m really looking forward to reading all the golf posts!! Did a buddy trip to Scotland 2 years ago, to Ireland last year, and might do Scotland again in the next year or 2. So definitely very interested in your posts!

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