How $20,000 Was Allegedly Stolen From Checked Bags – 7 JFK Baggage Handlers Arrested

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7 JFK Baggage Handlers Arrested 

As reported by CBS2 New York, 7 baggage handlers from New York’s JKF International Airport were arrested yesterday for allegedly stealing upwards of $20,000 worth of items from traveler’s checked luggage.

This is exactly why I hate to check my bags. Honestly, it seems like more should be done to keep all airport/TSA employees in check by keeping them on camera at all times so that baggage is protected from theft. I know that the vast majority of employees would never think of taking advantage of passengers but, this shouldn’t happen!

CBS2 reported, “Authorities said baggage thefts are now rampant, and anyone who puts their valuables in checked bags may never see them again.” Seriously?! I really feel strongly that we shouldn’t have to worry about this. Maybe more screening of airline employees is in order.

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Bottom Line

Obviously, I don’t check my electronics, jewels, money or anything else super exciting and asking to be stolen but, I really wish this wasn’t an issue! Have you ever had anything “go missing” from checked baggage?

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  1. One big step would be to close the loopholes that let subcontractors pay these workers less than city-standard wages, and almost always no benefits.

    It’s only a matter of time before the idiot terrorists figure out how big of a risk vector this is and use it. Then we’ll react in the wrong way by making literally everyone at an airport go through full security (which still won’t solve anything but will make the lines a lot slower!).

    Bottom line, pay your workers right and they won’t pull this type of thing.

  2. It amazes me time after time, how some people would EVER put electronics / jewlery in their checked bag?!?!

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