Delta 468 Delayed Because Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse To Sit Next Women On Flight

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As reported by DailyMail, Delta Airlines flight 468 out of JFK headed to Israel was delayed when a group of Orthodox Jewish men refused to sit in their assigned seats that were next to women.

Delta 468 Delayed Because Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse To Sit Next Women On Flight

Delta 468 Delayed Because Orthodox Jewish Men Refuse To Sit Next Women On Flight

The women who were assigned to sit on either side of the men, also refused to move their seats and claimed discrimination according to the article. The article says that, “the stand-off was eventually resolved when an American travelling to Israel offered to change seats.”

Bottom Line

What do you think about this situation? Apparently, this is a common issue. What do you think should be done so that everyone feels comfortable during their flight?

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  1. If that is their religious belief that’s fine and they’re entitled to it. But I feel like if that’s the case, then THEY need to take some responsibility to ensure that it isn’t a problem (perhaps buying 2 seats, or coordinating with other passengers or the airline.

    I mean it’s now like this is a NEW situation, right? The orthodox men had to have known that this might be an issue

  2. agreed, buy extra seats or have someone add notes to the PNR ahead of time to try and solve this before boarding.

  3. It’s not the airline’s responsibility to satisfy this man’s desire to oppress women to please his imaginary friend in the sky.

  4. So what would be the protocol if a woman was traveling with her service dog and having some adult beverages when seated next to a Muslim?

  5. The airlines should have charged the obnoxious jagoff’s the cost of delay or better yet removed them and put them on EL AL where they belong.

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