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It’s no secret that Delta has removed their award charts. But what’s a secret is what they plan to do about their award tiers and redemption rates in the future. And this has a lot of people nervous. So nervous I know people who are emptying their Sky Miles award balances through any means possible. And this is making it harder to find lower level award redemption for coveted award flights in premium cabin.

We understand all this and wanted to give our readers a break. So we teamed up with our favorite award booking service, Juicy Miles, to giveaway a complimentary award booking service.

Free Award Booking Giveaway

We are giving away 1 complimentary award booking from Juicy Miles. The best part is the award booking is good for up to 4 passengers traveling on the same itinerary. This covers Juicy Miles award booking fees only and does not cover airline fees and taxes (responsibility of the winner). We’ll randomly pick a winner on Sunday, February 22nd who will receive the complimentary award booking.

How To Enter

All you have to do is enter via one of the following methods:

  • Leave a comment in this post answering the following question:
    • Where are you redeeming your Delta Sky Miles and do you think Delta removing their award charts was friendly?
    • Example: I’m going to Bora Bora on Delta’s partner Air Tahiti. Delta’s unfriendly move is not cool.
  • Tweet@WeeklyFlyer @PointMe2Plane @Delta + where you want to fly on an award ticket
    • Bonus points if you add in if you think the award chart removal was a good idea

What Is Juicy Miles

Preferred Award Booking Service – Juicy Miles

Juicy Miles is a top notch award booking service. They will do all the work to find you the best award itinerary for your preferences.

Juicy Miles By The Pool


I’ve known Adam for a long time and have trusted him with all of my referrals. He has assembled and runs an amazing team at Juicy Miles.

Adam is the proud founder of Juicy Miles LLC and loves helping others travel for free. His obsession with points and miles began during his freshman year at college. After browsing Flyertalk and Mileage Workshop, Adam pulled the trigger and signed up for his first Citibank AAdvantage credit card and MCI phone line (25,000 mileage offer). Back then, both deals were churnable and in no time at all, the college freshman had enough miles to travel to Europe and Asia in First Class for free, multiple times. Needless to say, he was hooked! Fast forward a few years and Adam of course ended up in a job with a travel requirement…which meant extra miles for awards! He continued educating himself on the mileage game and took some pretty incredible trips each year, including a family vacation every December…all with miles. As his colleagues and friends started to hear about and see pictures from his trips, they wanted in and Adam began to assist them with their bookings, Juicy Miles was born. Adam is also the author of the Point Me to the Plane blog on BoardingArea. Adam’s favorite award trips from 2013 include his Singapore / Cathay Pacific First Class trip to Bali, Thailand, and Hong Kong as well as his First Class Emirates Shower Suite A380 experience to the Maldives. Adam covers AA / oneworld, UA / Star Alliance, and Delta / SkyTeam bookings.

How To Use Juicy Miles

One of the best parts about using Juicy Miles is they make it so easy to work with them.

Step 1: Complete Your Request Online

All you have to do is fill out your request online by answering 11 questions and then click submit. They’ll reach out quickly with the details on next steps.

Please be sure to let them know Points Miles & Martinis sent you in question #11 by entering something like:

  • PMM
  • Points, Miles & Martinis
  • PMMartinis
  • Points Miles And Martinis sent me!
  • Etc…appreciate the mention we sent you

Juicy Miles Points Miles Martinis

Bottom Line

If you aren’t happy with Delta’s moves and plan to redeem your miles for an award ticket, be sure to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a complimentary award booking from the Juicy Miles award booking service.

Enter via one of the methods below and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Sunday, February 22nd who will receive the complimentary award booking.

  • Leave a comment in this post answering the following question:
    • Where are you redeeming your Delta Sky Miles and do you think Delta removing their award charts was friendly?
    • Example: I’m going to Bora Bora on Delta’s partner Air Tahiti. Delta’s unfriendly move is not cool.
  • Tweet@WeeklyFlyer @PointMe2Plane @Delta + where you want to fly on an award ticket
    • Bonus points if you add in if you think the award chart removal was a good idea

Juicy Miles Award Booking Beach

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  1. Planning a family trip to South Africa and would love to use Sky Miles to get there, just have no idea what a good deal is anymore. With the removal of the award chart, it has made finding awards at “lowest” levels difficult as there are no “levels” to reference. I don’t think it is debatable that the removal of the award chart was a huge disservice to Delta frequent flyers.

  2. My wife had a rough fall/winter with illness. Now that she;s better, we’re using miles to fly Business Class to Paris and home from London. Delta’s actions as regards the awards charts are just another example of their disregard for their thousands of loyal leisure flyers who are not on expense accounts.

  3. I will use my remaining Delta miles to fly my children domestically to New York City while paying for myself to fly another more friendly airline for a “family meet up” trip. Removing the award chart is really low, I guess Delta thinks its customers are “stupid”.

  4. I was hoping to redeem for an Austrailan trip, but without an award chart, it’s hard to know the goal…not a friendly move.

  5. Beautiful Norway, especially the fjords along the west coast, for a cruise on the famous “mail boat.”
    Delta: stands for double dealing and deceitful.

  6. Family trip to Hawaii to escape winter would be swell. And yes the absence of award charts is troubling because it seems to point to a more significant devaluation in the future.

  7. Using Delta miles for USA transcontinental vacation trip. Removing the award chart was a bad PR image move for Delta and is a real inconvenience for frequent flyers.

  8. I have a few award trips coming up. One is to Edinburg on Delta and Virgin Atlantic and then two separate trips to New Zealand on Virgin Australia, China Southern and Korean Air. Removing the award chart is likely a step towards revenue-tied awards which another slap at their Skymiles members.

  9. Not much of anything Delta has done lately has been “friendly” to their loyal passengers, the lack of an award chart is just another problem of many. I have typically enjoyed my Delta miles with biz tickets international. I previously used to use Expert Flyer to find the space. I previously looked for each flight segment at low mileage so as to get a low mileage ticket. It is now difficult at best to find a decent-priced award ticket. Unfortunately I am still sitting on too many Delta miles, so am trying to use for domestic coach – just to get rid of them.

  10. Definitely not friendly. I was saving my miles for something grand in the future, maybe with a significant other but no more. I’m planning on burning them all this year and not look back. Who knows how much more they’ll devaluate.

  11. Rremoving the awards chart as no a smart move. Not going to win new frequent flyers that way. I use points for any trip over the oceans and occasionally for red eye flights. I’ll also use them to buy down more expensive tickets when I don’t have flexible days to get where I’m going.

  12. Hoping to use SkyMiles for a trip to Europe next year…but the lack of an award chart is making it a rather annoying endeavor. Definitely not cool, Delta.

  13. We’re using our SkyMiles for a much anticipated trip to Greece in May and later in the year for a trip to Istanbul. Removing the charts was definitely not a consumer friendly move.

  14. Going to see my two oldest granddaughters at their First Communion services in Texas and North Carolina. I was so devoted to Delta at one time, but all these changes HURT my passion and hobby of collecting and using miles for travel abroad!

  15. I am using them for ATL-SAN
    Basically whatever on the award chart removal. I can’t do anything about it and it is their program so whatever. I have always felt they messed around with it anyway. For example, last night I was searching for an award flight which on Delta you book one leg at a time basically. The points required for the outbound trip changed on multiple itineraries, all with the same outbound date and time and flight. Now tell me they don’t have some crazy algorithm that tracks what you are doing and adjusts rates accordingly.

  16. I am planning to redeem the delta miles for hotel stay because I am not able to find any flights even in a flexible schedule. And the removal of delta award charts is not at all helping. :/

  17. I don’t have enough delta miles yet, but if I did, I’d use it to go to Australia! It is definitely going to be harder to do since Delta made the stupid move by removing the award chart.

  18. delta’s move is definitely unfriendly, and the laundry list of similar moves they’ve made recently means i’ve already burned through all of my delta miles. you never know what they’re going to do next!

  19. Not at all a friendly move by Delta, and, in fact, rather insulting to me as a member.

    Flexible as to time and place. Likely Europe, perhaps Scandinavia in Summer or early Fall.

  20. Using Delta miles for possibly an Icelandic trip. Removing the award chart was a bad PR image move for Delta.

  21. Delta’s move is absolutely unfriendly, but I’m hoping to use my remaining miles for Business class tickets to Australia/New Zealand!

  22. Emptying my account as fast as I can. No $ spent and no miles flown this year, and none intended.

    Award bookings to STI, HON, and CDG so far. Really want to go to Rome if possible, have to wait for award chart and partners to get there act together first.

    Award chart removal is not a big issue, as there are plenty of copies floating around. Will be a big issue if there is a discrepancy in what I see on it, and what is on their website when I compare, Then I will call the Diamond line and demand satisfaction. We will see where that goes. I suggest all do the same.

  23. Houston to New York to visit with new grandson and 2 young granddaughters. Delta new changes have me seeing red…so not nice.

  24. I would like to go to Europe but have not booked anything yet. Delta is very unfriendly and if I could take my business elsewhere I would. Unfortunately Delta is the preferred provider for my company.

  25. Would love to book reward ticket to see my sister in Australia, haven’t seen her in 8 years! It’s so hard to plan ahead now with not knowing how much it will cost.

  26. I have ~ 44K DL miles since they were transferred from my NWA account. Haven’t had any reason to accumulate more due to their continued disloyalty to their customers. And since the abolishment of their award chart, this makes me believe I made the right decision.

    Would like to travel to SE Asia.

  27. Would like to use Delta miles for international travel (to Europe).

    Removal of the award chart is an unmistakable signal that further devaluation of SkyMiles is being planned, or at least provided for, by Delta management. Not customer-friendly.

  28. We thought we saw the writing on the wall a while ago and used most of our SkyMiles to fly China Eastern (ugh) to Manila and back. We haven’t been accumulating them purposely, but have a few left and will probably use them to fly domestically on an expensive route. Like PHX to MSP or BHM.

    We think it was sneaky and shady of Delta to remove the award charts. Hurting mostly those who have been saving up, don’t know the ins and outs of booking, or don’t know about Juicy Miles which, by the way, we have used twice with great satisfaction.

  29. going to Hawaii for my honeymoon this fall! We are still saving up for this trip. Removing the award charts is ridiculous. Transparency is the foundation of good business.

  30. I’d like to burn my DL miles sending my wife to visit her brother in FL.

    Removing the award charts was a horrible move by Delta-so customer unfriendly!

  31. I’ve just booked to Australia on VA using Delta Skymiles. Use ’em up, because I have no idea what they’re worth now!

  32. Would love to take my 6 y.o. son and wife to one of the Hawaiian islands. Delta’s award chart changes suck–I’m no longer earnings Skypesos, I’m now burning.

  33. I would love to take the family to Alaska for a summer vacation. And I do not think Delta should’ve changed their awards structure.

  34. I’d love to go to Bora Bora on Delta’s partner Air France. Delta’s unfriendly move should be challenged.

  35. looking at a domestic trip probably ord-msp for family reunion in July. i think their antics are downright unfriendly to their customers and it will eventually come back and bite them in the end.

  36. I want to go to New Zealand and Figi. I don’t appreciate Delts putting a blindfold on their loyalty members.

  37. I will be an empty nester soon and am looking forward to increased travel beyond the 50 states, not to mention college trips! Delta’s removal of that award chart has made it much more difficult to plan ahead. I may have more time on my hands but I won’t be spending it trying to book Delta!

  38. Trying to use Skymiles to go to London, and not a fan of the award chart removal! Gotta have some standard, right?

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