Mom & Daughter Attack Police Newark Terminal A

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A mother and daughter pair are reportedly facing aggravated assault on police, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after a run in with Port Authority at the Newark Airport Terminal A pick-up. As reported by MSN, the Dansbys (mom and daughter) were blocking traffic in Terminal A at Newark when a police woman knocked on the window to ask the daughter to move. The daughter opened the car door and struck the officer and then started to punch the officer. The mother was exiting the Terminal when this was happening and reportedly joined in the attack; holding the officer so that her daughter could punch her. The officer was taken with injuries to the hospital.

Mom & Daughter Attack Police Newark Terminal A

Yikes! Now, I have been in many a pick-up line at airports and have been asked repeatedly by police to circle and not to park. Sometimes, it even gets me fired up when the police are really aggressive and ask us to hurry up while we are loading our baggage and kids. But, I can’t even imagine getting into an argument with the officers let alone a physical altercation. I understand that the officers are there for safety precautions and that having parked cars at the baggage claim pick up is against the rules. I tend to use the opposite strategy then the Dansbys did and kill them with kindness, asking the police nicely to please give us 5 minutes to get our stuff and kids in the car and that tends to work well.

What do you think of this story? Have you been in any confrontations at baggage claim pick-up trying to park to pick someone up at the airport? What’s your strategy?

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  1. Sounds like some serious jail time is in order. Those two low class twits are a danger to society.

  2. Have you been to the Newark airport? Lord, there are some aggressive, riled up passengers and pseudo authorities there. This didn’t surprise me at all.

    I used to see some United airlines elite line Nazis snag people on through international itineraries who hadn’t printed an updated boarding pass, but that fun is over with a quick refresh of a mobile boarding pass or even better the TSA precheck line. Ha!

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