Four Poorly Rated Hotel And Casinos To Avoid In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is consistently one of the top tourist destinations in the USA, with almost 40 million visitors last year alone. Last week The Motley Fool – the multi-media investment advice company – took a look Las Vegas hotels and casinos on Yelp and TripAdvisor and found that these four were among the worst rated by reviewers:Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.29.22 AMThe Motley Fool even singled out Circus Circus in its story:

The fact that Circus Circus is among the worse resorts shouldn’t be a huge shock. It has arguably the worse location of any resort and a child-friendly theme that seems out of place in Las Vegas. Combine that with the fact that it’s been largely neglected by MGM’s management and you have a recipe for a deteriorating property.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.17.04 AM

The Excalibur is just to the right of the center of the photo with the red and blue turrets. The Luxor is the pyramid two buildings behind the Excailbur.It’

There are 74 comments to The Motley Fool story so far, and many of the commenters seemed to like The Venetian, The Palazzo, The Wynn, The Bellagio and Aria. And until midnight tonight you can book a points stay at The Venetian or The Palazzo for half-off using points during the IHG Flash Sale. Details are here.

Bottom Line:

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is a ‘you get what you pay for’ town. For instances, rates at the Luxor are as little as $29, but then there is a $20 a day mandatory resort-fee, which negates the bargain price on the room.

I’m curious tho – has anyone had any particularly good or particularly bad stays at the hotels listed above?


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  1. I’ve never stayed at Circus Circus, but I HAVE stayed at Excalibur, Flamingo, and Luxor. I’d go back to all three in a heartbeat. Luxor is actually my favorite Vegas hotel of the ones I’ve stayed in.

  2. You really can’t compare the hotels listed, with Bellagio, Aria, etc. They are in a different class. But your experience (and your rating, whether you choose to put it on TripAdvisor or Yelp) is totally dependent on what you’re looking for, and your expectations. Someone who is just looking for a place to place their head at night, would find any of those 4 hotels more than adequate. But without defining expectations and objectives, you get these type of articles that try to “judge” hotels, which is just silly. Adding in expectations and objectives would make it too complicated to display on travel sites (or on blogs), so we play the fanciful game of trying to judge which are the best or worst hotels, in a vacuum.

    There are also decent hotels in Las Vegas that do NOT charge a resort fee, although granted, the list declines with every passing month. I have a favorite that I always point my out of town guests to (I live in Vegas).

  3. The Flamingo has renovated rooms that I would gladly take my wife too. It’s also centrally located mid-strip. I agree that the Excalibur isn’t a good hotel.

  4. The worst hotels are also the cheapest hotels. Saying Circus Circus is worse than Aria is like saying a Hyatt House is not as nice as a Park Hyatt. Not sure that should come as a surprise.

  5. The Excalibur sucks, but leave it alone. That’s where you get those cheap Hyatt stays for under $50 including resort fees. It’s quite possible to mattress run your way to Hyatt Diamond for just $1,250 if you have someone who can check in for you in Vegas.

  6. Luxor has certainly seen better days. Loved it as a kid, but recently had to stay there for a night before my flight home and was quite disappointed. It’s just in major need of a renovation. The rooms are dark and the bathrooms look like they haven’t been renovated since Luxor opened. They remind me of a budget model with the long countertop that spans the bathroom with built-in kleenex dispenser. The elevators I rode in also shook terribly, which was quite upsetting.

    In short, you certainly get what you pay for. If MGM wanted, a renovation would certainly turn this property around in short order.

  7. I walked through Circus Circus last summer and it kinda felt like Chuck E. Cheese’s.

  8. I stayed at most of the hotels on the strip and yes they are impeccable when it comes to service . But I like cheap . So , I was introduced to two hotels Excalibur ( cough cough ) ; you can keep that place . And secondly , Circus Circus the love of my life lol . No ! it’s not the Venetian, Wynn , Encore , Cosmo . But it’s not a bad place , the service to me was fast check in , clean rooms and updated . The problem is very little to choose when it comes to food except The Steak House . The place is awesome and still does a hell of a business . Oh the bars are old and lack theme .,

    CC is family oriented . Lots of kids and family there on the cheap .

    Now back to bars . Sunday morning 3:30am , your drunk at the west bar at CC and looking to score .. YOU keep looking but find No hookers . Why ? Too family they don’t come there . That’s a good point . Very little activity like that there .

    And heck if your hanging in your hotel for 4 nights that’s bad . Go check out the other places on the strip . Nope I defend CC . Not a bad place

  9. We stayed at the Circus Circus for our first visit to Vegas in September , loved it , got checked in fast , nice big spacious room , which was cleaned daily , we were in skyrise tower , some of the elevator were a pain , especially if it got busy , but not a major problem , peppermil across the road , Vince Neil’s bar did great food , great swimming pools , would stay again

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