Top 4 Reasons Tampa Airport Is Great Airport To Depart From

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I always enjoy my time in the Tampa Bay Area. There is something about the breeze off the gulf, afternoon showers and slower pace that really just enhances a trip to Florida. But with all good things they to an end. Leaving Florida isn’t so bad when leaving from the Tampa International Airport and here’s my top 4 reasons to back that up.

Top 4 Reasons Tampa Airport Is Great

I love the all things about the Tampa Airport. We’ll except maybe the number of international departures. But that is changing slightly when Luftansa offers up 5x daily flights to Frankfurt in September of 2015.

So back to my point. The convenience factor of Tampa is off the charts. For example, on a recent flight, I was out of my hotel bed and sitting comfortably in the SkyClub seat in less than 30 minutes. Wow, that’s as long as it takes to fight traffic in other cities. Here’s my top 4 reasons what makes Tampa great to depart from.

1) Security At Terminal

Since the TSA security checkpoint is at each terminal, that means you are only going to stand in line for a fraction of the time compared to a more innefficient security checkpoint in say, Atlanta where all security is done at one place.  

2) Plane Train

The Tampa plane trains are the best. Sure they may not be pretty, but they are above ground, so when you leave the city during the day, you can clearly see the warm sunny weather you are leaving behind. Plus, they rarely break down unlike Newark’s disaster of a train.  

3) Tampa Delta Sky Club

Being the highest grossing Delta SkyClub in the Delta system isn’t something to be excited about as a customer, especially when looking for a good complimentary adult beverage. But this Delta SkyClub has enhancing revenue down to a science, and they do it with ease. It’s definitely on the smaller side, but one that is always enjoyable to spend time at. If you have extra time, check out the SkyClub suites, truly one of a kind experience here-for free.  

4) Convenient Starbucks

Starbucks coffee stations are located just about everywhere in this airport, before security, after security and almost always a few steps from your gate. This doesn’t matter as much now that you can get free Starbucks coffee onboard Delta flights, but it’s still a good option for a morning perk if you are looking for one.  

Tampa Airport Take Off – Can You Name This Island

Bottom Line

There you have it; my top 4 reasons why Tampa Airport is a great airport to depart from. What’s your favorite airport to travel out of? Please leave a comment below with what makes it so.

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  1. I agree with you about Tampa Airport. There is always plenty of parking in the economy garage and the parking shuttles come frequently. The airport itself is attractive and well laid out, with moderate walking distances.

  2. Great to hear about TPA… I will be making a trip to Tampa in June so this is good news. I don’t have Delta lounge access but I have passes to the AA/USAir Lounge so I may check that out. Oh wait.. each Airside has their own TSA security? (I am flying United from Airside A.. so I probably wouldn’t be able to go to Airside F security to check out AA Lounge can I?)

  3. Don’t blow it for my favorite airport! Let’s keep it quiet and talk more about MCO or something. I kinda like my 15 minute parking to airside with carry on trips. I know smoking is way out of vogue but TPA has outside smoking lounges airside. Kinda nice for those of us that like a coffee and smoke before a flight.

    Juno if you’re flying United but have AA Lounge passes you are out of luck here because of the security. No going from one airside to another without boarding pass.

  4. Other advantages not mentioned;

    1) Free Wifi throughout the airport. Just a one-click access through the portal.

    2) Free cell phone waiting lot, which ALSO has free wifi, large boards to keep track of flights, bathrooms, and often has a food truck available.

    3) Free one hour parking in short term parking, which is directly above the terminal and just one elevator ride directly to baggage, ticketing, and main terminal.

    4) If you have to sleep there, the chapel is convenient, dark, and quiet.

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