Passengers Evacuate On To Wing After Fearing Smoke

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This isn’t something you see every day …

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ABC News is reporting that some of the passengers on Allegiant Air flight 330 from Los Angeles to Boise evacuated themselves onto the wing of the MD-83 after the plane arrived at the gate Friday evening in BOI shortly before 7pm. Apparently fuel began to spill from the aircraft onto the ramp, and passengers reported  a strong smell of fuel in the cabin. Then they saw vapor from the fuel outside the plane which they feared was smoke caused from a fire.

More from ABC News

Passenger Niki Hughes told ABC News in an email that vapor was filling the plane and was so strong that people were covering their noses with their clothes.

And she also told ABC News this in an e-mail …

“They did not make any announcements to the rest of the plane until they noticed that someone had opened the emergency exit,” she said. “The flight attendant made it clear that she was frustrated at the fact that someone opened the door because they would not be able to leave on time now for their next flight. People were visibly scared and confused and the staff on the plane just seemed annoyed.”

Bottom Line:

Allegiant Air later issued a statement saying that the safety of their passengers and crew is their highest priority, and at no time was the plane in danger.  Situations like this make me wonder if the passengers correct in initiating their own evacuation. Or do you think the passengers were in greater danger by staying on the aircraft?  What would you have done?

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  1. If indeed there was fuel exiting the aircraft in quantities that resulted a vapor cloud, that is a serious situation. Personally, I would get the heck out of there ASAP! What was the crew doing?

  2. yes, it’s a serious situation. But if you have time to grab your bags from the overhead compartment, then maybe it wasn’t an emergency.

  3. Idiots, someone started a group-think panic. Probably that idiot at the tip with her bag. Jet-A vapors are not going to just ignite. And regular gas would have a tough time igniting too. It would be unpleasant to smell, but no risk for a short duration. Gheeze’ if someone farted, I suppose they would have deployed the slide?? morons

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