Family Trying to Raise Whopping 65 Million for Gulfstream G650

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One of our readers emailed us with the following GoFundMe campaign that they had seen, and I thought I’d share. I mean good luck to this family trying to raise 65 million to buy a new Gulfstream G650….

Below is the story and I’ll let you make your own conclusions so feel free to comment below on your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.50.20 PM

Per GoFundMe: My beloved 17 year-old son is currently going through pilot training in Tahiti and was forced to make a (thankfully) safe crash landing, however in this event, our Gulfstream G650 was completely totaled.

This private jet has meant a lot to our entire family and the memories created within it are priceless, and will be held on to forever. However now, we are thrusted into a situation where we can no longer create those memories.

My son, Klaydin, is nearing completion with his aviation training and there is unfortunately no way that he will be able to complete it without this asset. I want this so bad for him; he is a great boy and I know for a fact that he will turn into a greater man. Once, he paid our porter take a broken lamp to Goodwill, to donate to the less fortunate.

As you can probably tell, we as a whole are in an incredible bind. I really hate to put this burden out in the open and wish I had somewhere else to turn. Unfortunately that is not the case. I only have you folks to turn to, to assist us in purchasing a brand new Gulfstream G650 with an upgraded interior.

Even if you are unable to donate, it would mean the world to my family, especially my son Klondike (he wants nothing more than to finish flight training in Aruba), if you could share this page. But if you can donate, just know that every single cent helps. We are truly grateful for anything to help us get out of this rough spot.

Thank you for reading, and I appreciate you time.

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  1. I’d say it’s someone making a joke. The inconsistency with the son’s name and where “he’s” allegedly finishing flight school are likely done deliberately. I’d like to think that it’s satire, meant to poke fun and criticize those who do abuse GoFundMe and other similar crowd funding platforms for absurd personal items.

    However, if it is a real campaign this is very, very sad.

  2. I also think it’s satire. Surely nobody would be so tone deaf as to write this in earnest: “Once, he paid our porter take a broken lamp to Goodwill, to donate to the less fortunate.”

  3. Thank you for posting our appeal. I hope many gracious and generous donors can do their part to help our beloved son complete his flying training requirements.

    To 02nz, he did indeed pay our porter, and even tipped him, to take the broken lamp to Goodwill. I would not have made the claim if he had not done so. We cannot afford the $65 million, so all we can do is to appeal to those who have sons, fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers, who can understand the devastation of being unable to follow your dream, and help us made our child’s dreams come to fruition.

  4. It’s called insurance… If they crashed the plane, their insurance would have covered it…

    Scammers being scammers

  5. “I say Captain, is that a pink pig flying in formation with us?”
    “By jove, First Officer, well spotted, you’re right. Keep the eyes peeled for the blue moon, there’s a good chap”
    “Rightie-ho Sir”

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