Cheapest Way from Manhattan to LaGuardia LGA Airport

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If you’re looking for the cheapest option to get from Manhattan to LaGuardia airport, look no further! On a recent business trip to New York, I decided to take the subway/bus from Manhattan back to LaGuardia for a total of $2.75.

Below are detailed instructions on how to get from Manhattan to LaGuardia.

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First, you’ll want to find one of the several “E” subway stop in Manhattan. The closest one to me was at 42nd Street/Times Square. If you’re in Manhattan and headed to LaGuardia, you’ll want to take the E train Uptown to Queens/Jamaica. The subway should say Jamaica on it.

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Once on the subway you should see all the stops that it’s making. The stop to get off doe LaGuardia is Roosevelt Ave. You’ll notice that it comes right after Queens Plaza but before Forest Hills-71 Ave.

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Once you get off at Roosevelt Ave, you’ll head up the stairs and look for signs for the Q70 Bus. Note, the stairs headed up are located in the middle of the station, so when on the subway try to get a car in the middle, that way you’ll have a shorter walk when getting off the train.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.04.45 PM

Once you head up the stairs and exit the turnstile, you’ll head out the doors on the left side (there will be signs as well), and right outside is the bus stop for the Q70 bus, which is what you’ll want to take.

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The buses come about every 10 minutes, sometimes quicker and sometimes a few minutes longer. Remember to save your Metrocard that you used for the Subway, since you’ll need to enter it on the bus for your free transfer to LaGuardia.

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Once onboard the Q70 bus, you’ll be on your way to LaGuardia Airport. Even though this is a city bus, there are luggage racks onboard for you to put your bags, which I thought was a nice touch.

The Q70 is an express bus, meaning you’ll be at LaGuardia in no time. The first stop at LaGuardia is for parking, but if you’re flying out of the Central Terminal (Southwest, JetBlue, Air Canada, United, Frontier, etc,) get out here and walk across the street rather than going all the way around. The bus does stop at the other terminals however.

Bottom Line

For $2.75 you can’t beat taking the subway/bus from Manhattan to LaGuardia. Taxi’s to LGA are on the meter and be as much as $50+.

If you have any questions about getting to LaGuardia, feel free to comment below.

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  1. For the same amount and process you can also transfer to the M60 from the 1 (110th or 116th Street in Manhattan), 2 & 3 (125th street in Manhattan), 4, 5 & 6 (125th Street in Manhattan), or N & Q (Astoria Blvd in Queens). The M60 is quite useful if you are north of 59th street.

  2. @m2 — Sorry, but your transfer suggestions are Well North of 59th Street and many people might quite frankly hesitate to wait for a bus where you advised them to do so.

    Inasmuch as most business and tourist areas are much more conveniently located closer to where PMM suggested than where you would have them alight, I think the choice is quite clear…. all things considered, especially one’s safety.

  3. @HORACE: What do you mean by “safety”?
    The first stop m2 mentions is next to Columbia University. The others are in an area where most people probably couldn’t afford the apartments.
    I think you need to watch a movie that wasn’t from the 1970s.
    BTW, more crime happens in Times Square nowadays.

  4. A nice and easy way to travel. May I also suggest when traveling to Newark, the train is quite convenient? I was also fortunate to have colleagues drop me off at Seacaucus Seaport – the easiest trip to Manhattan I’ve ever taken – 12 minutes and $4 later, I was at Penn Station and able to easily transfer to the subway station to my hotel.

  5. The number 7 train from Times Square and Grand Central works equally well as you get off at the same Roosevelt Avenue stop. I for one have refused to be ripped off by Taxis in any city anywhere and always find either public transit or an airport bus instead.

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