Travel Tips To Survive Long-Haul Flights

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What’s the longest flight you’ve ever taken? Chances are if you’re big into miles/points (which we are all), then you’ve redeemed for some long-haul flights, which can be 14 hours or more.

Even if you’re in first or business class, 14 hours on a plane can seem like a long time, so below are some ways on how to survive long-haul flights.

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Per this Yahoo Travel article, here are 6 tips on Brittany Jones Cooper survived her 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

1. Select your seat: As soon as I booked my ticket, I went to to select my seat. Getting the right seat can make or break your trip. Personally, I always purchase extra legroom. It might cost extra money, but comfort comes first on a long flight.

2. Bring a variety of entertainment: Every long-haul flight provides a TV screen where you can watch movies, but if you get sick of watching, it’s important to have other activities available. On this flight I packed a magazine, a book, a crossword puzzle, and a journal to write in. Giving myself options is important to avoid restlessness.

3. Bring good headphones: Bring noise-canceling, or really good headphones. It’s the best way to tune out a crying baby on the flight. Plus, they provide better sound for watching movies.

4. Bring a sleep aid Sleep is crucial if you want to land refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. I use melatonin to ensure I get rest. It’s natural and just makes me drowsy enough to fall asleep.

To make sure I stay asleep, I put everything I need in a eyeglass holder so that it’s easily accessible. I pack eye shades, ear plugs, and chapstick to make sure I can sleep comfortably.

5. A neck pillow Airlines will provide a blanket and pillow when you board, but they typically don’t offer a lot of neck support. Finding a neck pillow that stabilizes your head will allow you to sleep comfortably and soundly.

6. Snacks On a long flight like this, they usually serve a dinner, a snack, and breakfast. But, if you are like me, having an extra snack nearby is crucial. So I always bring a little sugar just to give me a boost, or to munch on while I’m watching movies.


Bottom Line

For me, I’d recommend walking around the plane every few hours and making sure to have charging devices to keep my electronic devices charged.

What’s the longest flight you’ve taken and what are some tips you’d recommend?

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  1. My iPad mini won’t last an entire flight. While I do bring a charger cord and power adapter, I find I can’t always count on availalbe/working power outlets. I carry a spare external battery that I can use to charge the iPad, or even run from it. The extra few ounces translates into an extra few hours.

  2. 1. Hydrate. Drink a lot of water. If you’re next to the window or in a middle seat, your seatmate(s) may not like you, but you’re only with them for a short time and your health is important. So go to the bathroom when you need to, don’t wait.

    2. Get up. Walk around and stretch. DVT is serious and can be life-threatening.

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