Delta Best Drink Stockout Try Wente Merlot

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Regular readers of Points, Miles & Martinis know the best drink in the sky is served by Delta. That drink is in high demand and can often Stockout mid flight. 

That best drink is Woodford Reserve and is best served on the rocks in my opinion. 

But on a recent flight it stocked-out. So what do you do? Move to Jack Daniels and Coke? No, absolutely not.

Other than moving to water if you were the cause of the Stockout, I’d suggest a glass of the wine Wente Merlot. Yes, I just suggested Merlot. I know what you are thinking:

“I’m leaving I’m not drinking {}ucking Merlot”

But don’t leave, hear me out.

Wente Merlot is about a $15 bottle in some places. It packs little punch at just 13% alcohol content, but tastes good. And a wise man once told me:

“if it taste great drink it”

The Wente Merlot is also served best cold. If it were tasted in the movie Somm -on a plane, it could quite possibly taste something like:

  • Black cherry
  • Dark chocolate
  • Just short of an upgrade
  • #9 on the upgrade list
  • Same day confirm to a middle seat
  • Smell of wine out of a plastic cup

You know, quality economy class glass of wine.


So what’s the takeaway? Not sure really. Other than if you find yourself in a situation like me, where a greasy individual in 10C ordered two (not one) Woodford Reserve Bourbons) and a Woodford Stockout occurs, don’t give up, try the Wente Merlot, pinch your nose, and drop your own tasting notes in the comments below.

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  1. I always order a double Woodford while in C+ if they are available.

    My backup is a Canadian Club and Coke.

  2. I just had this on a Delta flight to Honolulu. While I cannot replicate Delta’s unique in-flight cellar conditions or find this in plastic bottles–the terse label descriptors, basically designed to meet TTB requirements and nothing more, will do nothing to help you find a similar 750-ml bottle off your plane–I was surprisingly pleased with mellow tannins, dark fruits and pleasant smooth finish.

    What the hell happened? Was there a mistake in the million-bottle bottling process and economy class ended up with options on good stuff?

    Then again, maybe I got lucky and was served a bottle stored next to a heating duct for several weeks prior to being loaded aboard. If I’m ever bumped from an overbooked flight and put on Delta again, I’ll look for this wine and remain guardedly optimistic that it will reproduce a similar impression.

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