Delta Flight Delayed Due To Bottled Water Shortage

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We’ve all experienced flight delays, but this recent delay on Delta was for a circumstance that I’ve seen before. Headed back from Las Vegas to New York, our flight was all boarded and ready to go, when the flight attendants exclaimed that there was a bottled water shortage. They had only been catered with 10 large water bottles, which apparently must not have been sufficient for this 4 hour flight, though I’m no expert on catering, not including the small bottles for the First Class passengers.

The gate agent came on the plane ready to close the boarding door for an on-time departure, however things got quite heated between the two divisions as several passengers could hear the conversation. You could tell that the gate agent wanted to close the door for us to leave, however the crew wouldn’t have it as they claimed we were short a few bottles. Passengers in First Class were even joking that they would go run off and buy an extra case of water, to avoid a delay.

Ultimately, missing a few bottles of water isn’t essential however the captain must have sided with the crew that we needed more water. Roughly 10 minutes later the gate agent comes with several bottles of water, (no clue where they came from, unless they took them off another aircraft?)

bottled water

Bottom Line

I’m not an expert on inflight catering and how many bottles of water are needed for a 737 for inflight, however to cause a delay for this it must not have been enough. I question whether this flight of being delayed for a few bottles of water missing, and if so why wasn’t catering brought back to bring more water?

Considering this flight was leaving Vegas, perhaps they could have offered free drinks in the main cabin and forgo the delay, just a thought!

Where do you stand on this? What’s the strangest airline delay you’ve experienced? Feel free to share below! #thirstypassengers 

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  1. I am not sure regarding my info but I would assume at least 6 oz of fluid per hour per pax. Some passengers do get dehydrated in flight and during the 2 hours at the airport waiting and not having lounge priveleges or the willingness to overpay.
    Facts that are missing include what alternate fluids were available, length of flight and how many pax in total.
    Most Health professionals would not consider alcoholic drinks as a valid substitute.

  2. Like you said, they had plenty of little bottles of water so I’d have been fine. After 34 years flying Delta, close the door.

    Who cares about those in the back of the plane or what the gate agents think! Close the door! Let’s go!

  3. I was on an american flight this summer that was held about 20 minutes because they didn’t have any ice. Don’t remember the airport, but it was from a hub to a small airport so they weren’t worried about missed connections.

  4. A few months ago I was in middle C+and they announced water for 1st class only not great

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