United Airlines Now Kicks Off Wedding Couple from Plane

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United Airlines finds itself it in the news again for kicking off some more passengers from one of their planes. This news comes after United Airlines Passenger Dragged Off Plane Due To Oversell as two passengers switched their seats to a few rows up. The next thing they know they too were being kicked off the plane on their way to their destination wedding.

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Per the NY Daily News,

A Utah man and his fiancée say a U.S. Marshal booted them Saturday from a Houston flight en route to their Costa Rica wedding after they changed seats without permission — the latest in a string of negative headlines for the bedeviled company.

Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell — whose destination wedding is still slated for Thursday — boarded flight no. 1737 along with friends to find a napping man sprawled across their assigned seats, 24B and 24C, they told local TV affiliate KHOU. They relocated to empty seats three rows up, 21B and 21C, with Hohl telling the outlet they were “simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat” on the apparently half-full flight.

Hohl claims that after a flight attendant told them to return to their assigned seats, the couple did — only to be told to leave by a marshal who boarded the plane. The soon-to-be bride and groom agreed to deplane without incident, according to the report. “They said that we were being disorderly and a hazard to the rest of the flight, to the safety of the other customers,” Hohl said.

For one thing you could say at least they weren’t dragged off the plane and agreed to cooperate with the authorities.

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  1. The useless Air Marshals don’t leave row 1. I’m sure there’s more to this story. (And it’s probably gonna be bad for United)

  2. The big question is: why didn’t United charge “sleeping man” two extra seat / ticket fees????
    If “sleeping man” was taking up these people’s seats- he should’ve been asked to pay for those seats. If he refused, he should’ve been taken off the aircraft just like the other people !!

  3. Mickey…. still not a reason to boot people of the plane. just tell them to get back into their seats!

    this is what happens when air waitresses hav epower trips. yes, the marshal is an air waitress too coz he sure acts like one

  4. wooo, right now we don’t know that the couple are being truthful. I agree that if the events were as described, they were unfairly removed. But I don’t have confidence that events were as described, as I feel I’ve only heard one side of the story.

  5. Someone could punch the CEO of United in the face and travel “writers” would write a story about it and people would still end up hating United. The couple tried to move into economy plus multiple times (if you check your sources) without paying for it or having elite status.

  6. Moral of the story: buy your ticket and stay in your seat or buy your ticket and hide in another seat – one way or another United is gonna hunt you down and toss you from the plane.

  7. Another example of the media spreading a non-story because it’s United. I’ve witnessed this many times as a 1K flyer and I’m sure that the airlines were fully within their rights to remove them from their flight when they refused to move back into their economy seats. Just because a flight is half-empty, doesn’t give anyone the right to move up into premium economy. Betting it’s a case of let’s do what we want because it’s United and we have the opportunity to either get free upgrades or tell everyone what a big bad airline United is (insert eye roll here).

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