United Airlines Passenger Dragged Off Plane Due To Oversell

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From one extreme to another this week when it comes to oversells. We wrote about how one family made $11,000 after taking a few bumps on Delta Air Lines. They had a positive experience and came out ahead. However, the same can’t be said for one United Airlines passenger who was dragged off an United Express aircraft from Chicago to Louisville, KY.

United PS Business

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Unlike Delta which solicits volunteers in the gate area, somehow United already had boarded all the passengers on the plane, and needed to essentially kick off some passengers so they could send some crew members to Louisville instead.

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  1. That’s right and it is a BIG difference. He was not denied boarding nor was he asked to deplane for one of two legitimate reasons, medical reason or bad behavior.

  2. I hope everyone who sees this will stop flying United….They do NOT deserve anyone’s business….How complicated to rent a car for the crew and let them make the 4 hour drive? And total cost maybe $100. If United can’t figure this out, they should be allowed to put people in the air…Shameful behavior!

  3. Looks like UNITED SCARELINES will be sued for damages and injunctive relief for breach of contract, failure to act properly as a common carrier, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress upon the 69-year old passenger that UNITED SCARELINES ordered torn from his paid-for- UNITED SCARELINES issued ticketed seat, and for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress upon all the passengers on the plane terrorized by UNITED SCARELINES policies and actions.

    State and local “law enforcement” in this case should also be sued as there was arguably no valid law, e.g., criminal trespass, causing a panic, etc., that the police could legally enforce with force, especially the force as applied in this case. Seizing the man on UNITED SCARELINES absent at least reasonable suspicion of crime afoot is unlawful under the Fourth Amendment, and actionable via 42 USC 1983 against the police officers and the city, county, and state they work for to obtain damages, injunctive relief, and yes, even attorney fee shifting. Attorney fee shifting is a technique to force Defendants in 1983 cases to pay a Plaintiff’s attorney fees if the Plaintiff “substantially prevails” in the litigation.

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