Delta Improves Medallion Upgrades on Aeroméxico

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Delta has made some changes in clearance for complimentary Medallion upgrades on Aeroméxico flights, as they will now follow Delta’s clearance, meaning you’re likely to be cleared in advance, up to 5 days prior to your flight.

Delta Improves Medallion Upgrades on Aeroméxico

You can take a look at Aeroméxico Premier Business Class in the following reviews:

Complimentary upgrades for Medallion members traveling on Aeroméxico-operated flights are now cleared in advance, aligning with Delta’s clearance schedule.

  • For Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members, Complimentary Upgrades will clear beginning 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure
  • For Gold Medallion Members, Complimentary Upgrades will clear beginning 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure
  • For Silver Medallion Members, Complimentary Upgrades will clear beginning 24 hours (1 day) prior to departure
  • If Complimentary Upgrades do not clear in advance, Medallion Members are eligible for an upgrade at the departure gate if they request to be added to the airport standby list during check-in or at the gate

Medallion Members are eligible for Complimentary Upgrades on all intra-Mexico Aeromexico flights, as well as Aeromexico flights between Mexico and the U.S., Central America, Caribbean, Colombia and Ecuador.

It’s great to see that Medallion members will now be upgraded in advance, if there’s availability. Especially on outbound flights from Mexico, it’s not always clear to the agents that you should be on the upgrade list if you’re not, so here’s to hoping that many of these upgrades clear in advance and alleviate the stress.

Departing from the U.S. it’s not as bad in this sense, as Delta airport customer service in several cities operate the Aeromexico flights, so they are more aware in the upgrade policies, and you should even see yourself on the gate information display screen.

Have you flown Aeroméxico Premier Business Class before? Worth paying for it, or will you chance your luck at a complimentary upgrade?

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the great article. Could you clarify whether Skymiles can be used between Aeromexico flights from Mexico to S., Central America, Caribbean, Colombia and Ecuador without travelling through Atlanta ?

  2. if u are already on paid biz class will i get first class upgrade if available

  3. I’ve been upgraded on Aeromexico flights regularly. It’s an okay business class. It has a comfortable seat and there’s a good IFE. The food is okay, but it’s better on some flights than others such as trips to South America – compared to US-Mexico flights. Service is also okay as the flight attendants tend to disappear after the main service. Delta generally has a better product. Aeromexico is also a hit-or-miss airline. When things work well, they work very well. When things don’t work, it’s hell and the employees can become abuse and show a shocking sense of entitlement.

  4. I am a Delta Platinum Medallion flying from BOS-MEX this week. Clase Premier is completely empty, but no upgrade yet. I called AM and they said upgrades only process at the gate.

    It would appear that despite Delta’s announcement, Aeromexico is not actually processing upgrades within these windows.

    I also called the Delta Medallion desk, and they had no information to offer me. Here’s hoping the upgrade actually clears!

  5. Anybody has any experience being upgraded on a DL-marketed AM-operated flight (e.g. JFK-MEX on AM’s 789) within the 120-hours window as Delta Platinum / Diamond?

  6. Hello! Can somebody please tell me where I can find more info on this policy? I can’t find anything on google, help please!

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