Manufacture Spend through a Buying Club

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If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your credit card spend, you’ve probably heard the term manufacture spending. Whether it’s to meet minimum spend requirement for a sign-up bonus, just to earn more miles/points, or to meet a certain spend threshold to earn MQMs, elite qualifying nights, MQD waivers etc.

One option is through a buying club, which is where essentially you sign-up and buy designated items that you’re told to buy. If you’re looking for one, a well-known one is called MYS Buying Group. You can learn more about MYS Buying Club by watching their YouTube tutorial and sign-up for an account by joining MYS Buying Club.

Once you sign-up, you’ll be able to login and see everything that they are currently buying, which means you can then buy these items online, ship direct to the buying club, and then you’ll be able to request a check once the item is received, all while increasing your credit card spend.

Here’s some more info about MYS Buying Group:

MYS Buying Group is a growing, multifaceted buying group, allowing for “buyers” to purchase a wide range of items, or “deals”, for us. We reimburse you upon receipt of said items, and offer industry leading commissions on many of the items we purchase. We strive to put the Buyer first, and take great pride in our partnership with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions, concerns, or comments.

For all inquires, call us at (718) 484-4253, or email us at

Have you ever manufactured spend through a buying club? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or list any other buying clubs that you’ve used before. 

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  1. Either people are so trusting that they trust someone they have never met to reimburse them with money or so greedy that they will trust anything to pick up a few pennies on the dollar and put that dollar at risk.

    What was that club that went down? Plastic club or whatever.

  2. Sounds like whoever buys the stuff and reimburses you is simply looking to launder some cash

  3. this sounds great in theory, but what are the risks? have people been burned? If it sounds too good to be true….

  4. You can “request” a check. Nice. “Good day, sir, I am the fellow who sent you the item. If it pleases the court, might I maybe get reimbursed per our commitment, pretty please?”

  5. Hello all,
    MYS has built a community of trusted members. I personally know many buyers who has benefited greatly. I full endorse this!!

  6. Have been interested in this for awhile but have a few questions…

    1. Why are these companies going through third parties rather than buying directly?

    2. How does paying income taxes on earnings for this work?

    3. Do you violate any rules/laws by immediately selling to a third party?

  7. 1 – there are quantity limits on sales, they can’t buy such quantity directly.

    2 – they will issue a 1099 on the commissions earned upon request.

    3 – not sure why buying and selling would violate any law.

  8. I was burned by MYS. They refuse to pay me for the shipment which is showing as received by them. I am out over 1K.

  9. I was burned by MYS. They refuse to pay me for the shipment which is showing as received by them. I am out over 1K.- I would reach out to support. They are very accommodating-

  10. I reached out to support for a shipment they claimed they never received even though it shows DELIVERED. They told me to report it lost/stolen to Amazon. Amazon won’t refund me the $1200. Are these people crooks? Why would you recommend this to your readers? The take home here is if they too you to pound sand you’re pretty much screwed. They’re the judge, jury, and executioner.

  11. A buying club is all great, until it’s not. At some point you’re going to bet burned – MYS is notorious for blaming you for a lost package. Here is how it goes:
    – Amazon ships a truckload of stuff from multiple buyers to their warehouse in one bulk shipment
    – Their warehouse signs for the bulk shipment (they do not sign for each individual item)
    – They lose or steal a few items out of the truckload, one of them is yours
    – Even though Amazon shows your item as delivered and signed for, MYS does not pay you and makes you sort it out with Best Buy, Amazon, etc. You have no pictures to support your case, and a record from the shipping company showing a delivered and signed-for item

    The margins in this are so small that one small item misplaced by MYS can put you into a net loss for all of your work and record keeping. Even if you are lucky to make a small profit, it can get eaten up when your tax software or tax preparer cost more in fees because of the extra forms. And yes, you do have to pay taxes on this income.

    I am a bit disappointed in this author for not pointing out the risks, or looking for people that already are engaged in this sort of activity to comment.

  12. MYS has been very accommodating, with me, did you follow up with MYS after amazon turned you down, why do you feel that MYS screwed you any more then Amazon, the mail service is far from perfect, why do you assume that they are stealing items, its not in there interest, this business is very much based on trust.

  13. In reply to Bill and Michael:
    I have had a similar incident with MYS, and it was dealt with cordially and professionally.
    Here is what they explained to me:
    With UPS, Fedex, and USPS, there is a little known concept of “Ghost signatures”.
    This happens when the UPS or other companies driver delivers a large amount of packages to one location (which happens daily at MYS’s warehouse)
    UPS and Fedex DO NOT scan each and every package as it delivers, instead they make one large “batch scan” and accept one Signature for all these packages.
    At this point, when you track your packages (if they were a part of this “Batch scan”, it will show as “Delivered”, and “signed for By…..”
    It seems that there are instances, (not many, but it DOES happen,) where under these circumstances your box will show as Delivered, and signed for, but in fact that is not the case. I reached out to MYS right away, and they guided me through the process of reaching out to Amazon and UPS, and we found a solution which was mutually acceptable.
    I am naturally a very suspecting person, but MYS has earned my trust many times over.
    I suggest reaching out by opening a support ticket and it is my sincere hope that you are treated with the same kind of respect I was.

  14. thx for the feedback guys. Seems like quite a bit of risk for minimal gain. hard to tell if some of you are shills for MYS. I’m not gonna bite.

  15. Don’t do it. I was burnt by USA and MYS. Over 2K with MYS and over $800 with USA. You were warned.

  16. To those of you that MYS and/or Amazon was able to reach an agreement with, I suspect you burned a bridge with Amazon. Let me tell you this. Amazon will, perhaps, allow you to claim one high dollar item $1000+ to be lost in a, lets say, 10 year period. They’ll give you the benefit of the doubt if you have an old mature account with zero claims. After that you burned your Amazon bridge. Good luck when that actually happens to you on a personal (non buyer club level). So my take home is do you want to burn your Amazon bridge on some item that will net you zero dollars and a few points or do you want to do it when you actually need it!

    If that ghost signature process mentioned above is true, it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE on any level.

  17. MYS is a disaster. Request a check and then wait two weeks for them to issue it. If your bank doesn’t like echecks then you have to wait another week to get it mailed. Oh, did I mention it also take two weeks for them to show things as received? So you’re having to wait over a month to get money back. If anything goes wrong it takes so long before you find out that Amazon won’t help.

    And should we talk about how they sent pallets of shipments back to Amazon in error and couldn’t tell people what was sent back?

    Gotta love how they’re so desperate for people that they’re obviously paying for an advertisement because so many people have stopped sending them shipments.

  18. I have bought over $50k worth of stuff for MYS and have never had any issues with their service

  19. Seems all the negative comments are just competition- I personally have done over 100k with mYS during the year and the service have been superb,
    No wonder why they are rated #1 on DDF-

    P.s I found out during holiday season they received WAY more in de warehouse than expected based on their space. Instead of running away from the problem, ( as other companies do) they bought a new warehouse right away to accommodate their buyers needs-
    Now that’s a company.

  20. USA buying is horrific, they simply treat you like trash, nevermind that I’ve been laying out my money on their behalf to purchase merchandise that quantities are limited. THey lost 2 iPads and a 3 Kindles. The way that they handled it was awful. Some guy named Moshe Cohen was obnoxiously rude, downright accusing me of never sending it. At the end they simply stopped responding, and I was out almost $750.

  21. Ghost mail is not fedex/ups/usps fault . So that means the receiver never check ehats actually coming in or what are they receiving, would you sign that you received the package even its not?

    This is RISK . Dont do it . Ive experienced this all complaints with this buyers club . 20 days pay check, lost packages, return packages , stress all in all. Never again.

  22. Gotta love the comments on here which are obviously from MYS employees. especially that guy claiming they ran out of warehouse space and bought another one.

    How do you know they ran out of warehouse space? How do you know they bought the warehouse next door? As a buyer why would you care? As a buyer I don’t care about your warehouse problems — not my problem as a buyer. If you’re committed to PAYING me then you need to PAY ME.

    As a buyer, you don’t know or care about any of this warehouse crap unless you’re on the inside or are the owners’ brother, cousin, sister whatever trying to hide these problems people are posting about from public scrutiny.

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Plain and simple.

  23. I reached out to MYS in regard the package shows delivered and they still refuse to pay for it.
    What would you do?

  24. I can confirm that you wont get much help for a package makred delviered by ups , but MYS claiming not received . earlier last month I was requested to return a package that was causing them loss and I did and I was told a thank you and was also told that this will go long way in proving my loyalty to MYS , but when it came to paying out the $60 , there was no consideration and i was told a flat NO . I luckily only lost a package worth $60 , but the scare is real .
    I can also vouch for the delayed payment , I haven’t received a single payment without opening a ticket which I usually do after 14 days .
    New warehouse email is true .
    And I dont work for any of the clubs . I use 4 of them and dont put all my eggs in one basket .

  25. I bought a lot of stuff from USA buying group (haven’t tried MYS yet), never had any problems, and they have drop off locations all over so you don’t have to ship to them you could just drop them off locally and get your check on the spot. (works best for best buy orders where you use a tax exempt code).

  26. Ehh I’ve tried a bunch of buying groups – most of the time buying and shipping to Delaware where they have their warehouse for sales tax or buying a bunch of stuff on Bestbuy and using the tax exempt code and that suddenly triggers a red flag and 3/4 of my orders get canceled Bec I ship Delaware or use the code – in order to actually make this work you have to make a bajillion guest accounts use many diff credit cards, or addresses, email addresses etc or wtvr just to get orders done – way to time consuming just for a few extra dollars a year in credit card points.

    Besides – you run the risk of banks and credit cards flagging you and cancelling all your shit – banks DO NOT like manufactured spend! I know a bunch of people who got their chase checking and their chase credit cards/Amex cards closed down Bec they got red flagged – one guy only got his chase accounts back Bec he happened to be chase private client so use at your own risk

  27. Mys is a disaster when it comes to paying. They tell you that they pay within 6 business days or up to 12 when busy. I’ve bought over 50 grand worth of merchandise for them and not once have I received a check before 8 business days. The problem with this is it takes them 3 days to check in the item plus 12 business days which equals 21 days because Fri isn’t a business day they don’t have enough capital to pay so there always ‘busy’. I have a credit card which only gives me 19 days to pay. When I contacted them they wouldn’t pay before the full time.

  28. MYS is terrible with regards to paying on time but eventually they pay. You have to know this before you buy that it will take a few weeks to get reimbursed. is definitely the best with paying. They transfer the money to your bank account immediately upon receiving the item.
    USA is similar to MYS, perhaps a few days quicker to pay. I like the MYS process of receiving items better though. They immediately send you a receipt of the items received and allow you to request a check. (It then takes a few weeks till they pay though.)

  29. I’m surprised to see neither the post nor the comments discussed how a buying group makes money. Where do they resell to make money?

  30. I was burned by EMB buying group. They asked you to fill out a form to commit to the number of quantities and an agreed payout price. Once I dropped the product at the warehouse, they dropped their price and pay significantly below cost. Customer service is non existent. During a 30 days, they replied to me once asking for more info but never read my original request. Mys, Dealbuyer and BFMR are the best!

  31. I’ve sent to MYS and never had any issues with either, tens of thousands of dollars (on a regular basis)

  32. Takeoffs just got easier. And, for that matter, so did put-back-ons.

    This limited-edition version of Ponto’s signature shoe, the Pacific, is part sneaker, part dress shoe, no laces, all style.

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