Here’s What Delta Should Do for Platinum and Diamond Medallions

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There’s been a lot of talk on what airlines should be doing for elite members or those trying to earn status. Delta introduced a lucrative bonus know as the 2022 Medallion Status Accelerators.

The goal is to reward those passengers who are traveling with a 50% or 75% bonus on Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs), Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) and Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs). This includes award tickets for 2021 as well.

There’s discussions going on among Delta flyers especially those with Platinum or Diamond status if this status accelerator is enough. Some want Delta to outright extend status another year, which seems very unlikely. I’m not even sure they’re gonna do any sort of additional bonus for miles or spending.

Here’s What Delta Should Do for Platinum and Diamond Medallions This Year

For those who earn Delta Platinum or Diamond Medallion status for 2022, Delta should offer one bonus choice benefit this year. With this change, Platinum Medallion members who earn or re-qualify would be able to select two choice benefits. Diamond Medallion members would be able to select four choice benefits this year.

Existing Choice Benefit rules would apply, where you couldn’t select upgrade certificates as more than one time.

Delta isn’t looking to make earning status any easier this year, so instead I would like to see an additional incentive for those who are trying to earn Platinum or Diamond Medallion status this year. This would reward those who have been flying with Delta and would be an incremental cost from Delta.

For the past year, we’ve seen Delta’s Extensive Hold Times for SkyMiles Medallions including wait times of 42+ hours! If nothing else, they should offer an apology of SkyMiles for Medallions who have had to endure these wait times, but I think by offering an additional Choice Benefit, it would apply to those who remained loyal to Delta during the pandemic, while encouraging those to re-qualify for status the remainder of the year.

What are your thoughts on if Delta should offer an additional choice benefit for Platinum and Diamond Medallions for 2022? Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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  1. In reality they end up doing nothing and say that we are not paying enough for their astonishing service so they raise the prices even higher

  2. I’ve remained loyal and kept with Delta whenever I did have to fly over the pandemic. But the truth is that my flying and spending are nowhere near what they were pre pandemic and 4-5 full months of getting “back to normal” is nowhere enough time for me to re-qualify for my medallion status for 2022. If they won’t extend medallions one more year, at least give medallions on the verge of losing their status a few more months into 2022 to keep their status in 2022 for the rest of the year.

  3. The spend requirement for Diamond is the big sticking point. I have had multiple trips to Europe cancelled, cannot go to Botswana, and Japan in shut down. My corporate clients have not opened their office doors to employees, much less vendors. I have been Diamond since it was initiated and have qualified under their spend rules the past couple of years, but can’t imagine many people are hitting the $15k threshold this year.

  4. Agree with both Jo and Palmer.
    Another consideration would be to allow rollover of MQDs.

  5. I’m tempted to go for Platinum and agree adding an additional choice benefit would be a nice gesture this year, if nothing more for the absurd wait times I’ve had to endure this year.

  6. Why?

    I’ve been piling on the MQMs and MQDs this year. Flying each week, earning my BIS status just like 2020.

    Anyone who isn’t flying, shouldn’t get status
    Why should I, who am giving money to self, be punished becuase you aren’t?

    To the guy who can’t go to Botswana, I’m going next week.

    Just book a ticket. Get on the plane.

    Only on the Internet is this made complicated.

  7. What a great idea, definitely would like to see an additional choice benefit for those who earn Diamond this year. I’ve been flying all year, and am on track to earn status, so am all for an additional reward for those who have been loyal to Delta this year.

  8. I disagree and I would be disappointed if they just handed status to others who did not rightfully earn them. I have flown internationally almost every month this year and didn’t even pay attention to the bonus accrual until two weeks ago when I realized I already hit platinum for next year. It was like Christmas in July! I locked in tons of deals earlier this year and there are lots of options for mileage accrual such as constant airfare sales like the one now to LPB. Traveling is a privilege, one with statuses we should earn.

  9. I’d say…for those that hit 2022 spend for Diamond, maybe lower the threshold for the *mythical* Delta 360 for a year and reward those members with Delta360. Might never have another chance to earn it if one lives in a Hub city but only spends to achevie Diamond.

    Since it is well known Delta360 is a reward for “investment” in Delta (aka bought a ton of high cost tickets)…in this year of limited biz travel…someone flying for personal reasons that spends $15,000 out of their own pocket, is making an investment!

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