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Delta First Class Asian Grilled Shrimp

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Continuing on the Delta First Class food train, we’re back with a delicious lunch option this time, the Grilled Shrimp with sweet & sour sauce. I can’t recall exactly where we were going on this flight, but do recall this delicious light lunch option. Delta First Class Asian Grilled Shrimp The meal came with four…

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100 Million Passengers And A Sweet Prize

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I am a very frequent traveler out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International. I certainly would have liked to be their 100 millionth passenger and won this sweet prize! As reported by USA Today, “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport counted its 100 millionth passenger on Sunday (December 28, 2105) morning, something that the airport says makes it the first airport…

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Delta Secrets: Delta Drink Certificate Expiration 


Here’s a Delta secret that is a sure fire way to not let your Delta drink cerficiate expiration date pass without putting them to go use. If you earn Delta Elite status like I do, I’m sure you get Deta drink certificates. These drink certificates are great for a wine split or cocktail. Definitely a…

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Flight Attendants ‘Too Fat To Fly?’

Air India has grounded 130 of their female flight attendants who were deemed to be ‘too fat to fly.’ Yikes! According to this article by the Telegraph, the flight attendants were asked to lose weight 6 months ago and when their BMIs were rechecked they were declared, “permanently unfit for their job as flight attendants” because…

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Missing: Indonesian Plane Over Papua


UPDATE: This article is reporting a plane crash site has been found. A Trigana Air Service flight has gone missing over the Papua region with 54 passengers and crew onboard. The flight from Jayapura to Oksibil took off at 14:21 but air traffic control lost contact and the plane never made it to it’s destination. The Trigana…

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Delta Secret – How To Get Power On Airplane When Power Plug Is Shut Off

It’s always a welcome sight to see a power outlet on a plane. Getting juice during flight means your phones, iPads, computers and more will work with plenty of battery when you get to your destination. I always plug in when I can get power from a plane. But just before departure the plane power…

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New Boston Delta Sky Club – Renovations Almost Complete


The newly renovated Boston Sky Club is still undergoing enhancements, but it’s up and running. My first impression was, it’s nice, but not much seating though. They are adding more and anticipate to have it complete in a few months. Just past security is where you’ll find the elevators or stairs up to the entrance…

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