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Lufthansa Cancels 290 Flights: Strikes To Start Today

a large hangar with a plane

According to Reuters, Lufthansa’s “Cabin crew start walkouts from 1300 GMT Friday.” Here are the highlights of the strike: * Strikes hit Frankfurt, Duesseldorf on Fri, Sat * Saturday strike to last 17 hours * Lufthansa cancels 290 Fri flights, 37,500 passengers affected (Adds details of Saturday walkout) Lufthansa Cancels 290 Flights: Strikes To Start…

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Freddie Awards Events In Atlanta This Week

a building with cars parked in front of it

It’s that time of year again. When all of the loyalty executives from airlines, hotel and credit card companies to name a few get together to celebrate what is otherwise the “customers choice” awards of the travel and loyalty industry. The Freddie Awards converges on the great city of Atlanta this week to celebrate the annual…

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Most Provocative Flight Attendant Uniforms Go To Lufthansa

a group of women wearing blue and yellow dresses

Starting today Lufthansa cabin crew on some routes will celebrating Oktoberfest by wearing their finest dirndl (pronounced DURN-dul) – the traditional Bavarian folk dress/work garb often worn by peasants. Most Provocative Flight Attendant Uniforms The crew of 12 female and 2 male flight attendants will be on the Munich to Beijing route starting on September…

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Companion Ticket With Miles & More Card

The Premier Miles & More World MasterCard® offers card members an annual companion ticket. There are some nuances to the companion ticket, and if the circumstances are right, it can offer significant value above the annual fee of the card, which is only $79 and is waived for Senator and HON Circle Members. Here’s the…

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Flying just to fly – First Class Farewell Tour

With the impending February 1 United devaluation and a couple days off of work, I convinced my better half to embark on a First Class ‘Farewell Tour’ of some of our favorite products knowing international first class access will become significantly more challenging than it is in current form. We’ve generated a lot of great…

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Lufthansa First Class–Why You Shouldn’t “Get Rid” Of 300,000 United Miles

There are many reasons why “getting rid” of 300,000 United Miles is a bad idea. But I’d say the ability to book Lufthansa’s First Class is just about the biggest reason. Lufthansa First Class You see, United made a major devaluation last week and I got rid of a small portion of my airlines miles,…

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Lufthansa’s easiest A380 first class route

Over the weekend, we covered the most generous route on Lufthansa for releasing multiple first class award space.  I mentioned in the article that the Frankfurt-Osaka is the single best route to find multiple first class awards on Lufthansa’s second best first class configuration, the 747-400. This obviously begs the question, which route is best…

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Lufthansa First Class Terminal Happy Hour & PMM Cocktail Napkin Giveaway

It seems the Points, Miles & Martinis signature cocktail napkins are showing up everywhere these days. They were recently spotted accompanying a couple of glasses of Tattinger champagne in the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. A glass of Tattinger is always a great excuse to pass through the First Class Terminal. I prefer the…

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Lufthansa First Class Toolkit

Lufthansa First Class is one of my favorite First Class products in the sky. I have found myself enjoying the amazing ride many times because availability for one or two people is actually quite dependable if you know and understand all the pieces of the Lufthansa First Class toolkit. What tool to use to search…

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Which is better? Lufthansa First Class Terminal or Thai Royal First Lounge

Whenever you ask a room full of frequent flyers to name the best first class lounge in the world, two of the names you may hear the most are Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and Thai’s Royal First Lounge in Bangkok. I recently completed a rapid fire First Class around the world trip where…

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Denver Paramedics Called To Lufthansa Plane – How Long Could You Last With No Air Conditioning

According to this article from the Denver Channel, paramedics were called to a Lufthansa plane in Denver on Sunday night. Passengers had complained of heat exhaustion after sitting on the plane for more than 3 hours without air conditioning. The Lufthansa flight 447 was originally scheduled to depart Denver for Frankfurt on Sunday night at…

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