Southwest Plane Has Close Encounter At 4,000 Feet

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Yesterday there was another reported close encounter between a plane and a drone at 4,000 feet. As reported by CBS Los Angeles, a Southwest flight was making its final descent into LAX when the pilot, reported to the controller the close call.

Southwest Plane Has Close Encounter At 4,000 Feet

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According to audio obtained by NBC News:

          Pilot: “Hey, there was just one of those radio-controlled helicopter things that went right over the top of us at 4,000.”

          Controller: “Over the top of you at 4,000. Roger that.”

          Pilot: “One of those remotely piloted deals.”

          Controller: “Gotcha, a drone.”

          Pilot: “Yep, little bitty one … was red in color.”

There was no collision reported and the plane ended up landing safely. “But retired United pilot Cpt. Ross Aimer says drones are a growing concern to pilots.” He said, “Everybody’s worried that it may be something worse next time, As these drones start getting bigger and more complicated and more in numbers, we are gonna have huge problems – unless we come up with a real solution.”

Bottom Line

Drones are becoming an increasing problem for airlines and passengers alike. It does seem like a risk when planes and drones come into such close contact. What do you think the answer is?

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