DoorDash Promo Code And My 1st Order

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Last week, I experienced my first DoorDash order! And my second, third and I am embarrassed to say my fourth as well. Let’s just say this, I’m addicted!

DoorDash Promo Code And My 1st Order

My experience(s)

I’ll start by explaining that I travel a LOT! Last week I was on the West Coast, then Des Moines and ended the week in Chicago before heading back home to Atlanta. So, needless to say sometimes I am just too darn tired to go out and look for a spot to grab a bite to eat and so, I tried DoorDash. I’ll admit that I was skeptical yet, hopeful. The first thing that I noticed about DoorDash’s website was that they delivered from way more restaurants then I was used to locally in Atlanta. Let’s just say that McDonald’s delivery was available! The next thing that I noticed was that they were forecasting about 45-1hour for my meal to arrive at rush hour in Atlanta?! Oh I couldn’t wait to see this!

I ordered first from a great local Mexican restaurant here in Atlanta around 5pm (a time that it is a nightmare to drive around the city.) To my extreme surprise, the food arrived hot and good in 35 minutes; I was hooked.

Yes, you do pay a $5.99 delivery fee and are given the option to tip but, honestly I’ll happily pay $5.99 to not have to go out and fight traffic any day!

So, when I was traveling, I tried it out as well. You can schedule your delivery for the time that you want in the future, so you can basically have your food meet you at your hotel when you check-in. Awesome! There is nothing worse then flying into a city and being so hungry that you are forced to get fast food on your way to the hotel or order expensive and tasteless room service. This is a great alternative.

How does DoorDash work?

DoorDash is a technology platform that connects local businesses to people. We aim to make every city smaller by bringing you food—faster, fresher, and from farther away. When you place an order with DoorDash, we receive it, send it off to the restaurant, and assign a Dasher to pick up the order to bring it to you. While there are a lot of moving pieces to any order, we strive to bring your meal to your door within an hour.

DoorDash Promo Code And My 1st Order

Delicious Mexican (sorry I ate some before I remembered to take the picture)

DoorDash Promo Code And My 1st OrderBottom Line

With all the hustle and bustle of life and travel, I wanted to make you aware of this time saving service. My first several orders have been correct, timely and super delicious! If you haven’t tried DoorDash yet, you can get $5 off your first order when you sign up with my referral and you can also try promo code PA9 which saved me $5 off my first $20 order. Have you tried DoorDash yet?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.18.26 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.18.39 PM

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