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If Your Holiday Flight Is Oversold – Know Your Rights For Involuntary Bumping

Full flights come with the Holiday season. Most frequent travelers appreciate an opportunity to get “bumped” from a flight for an airline voucher. Although bumping can be an easy way to earn credit toward future flights, involuntary bumping can delay seeing a loved one, a missed opportunity, or a bad start to the Holidays. To…

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DOT Fines Delta for Illegal Bumping

Delta was recently fined $375,000 by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for illegal bumping activities. It was determined that Delta violated several rules including not consistently seeking volunteers before bumping passengers off of flights and sometimes failing to provide a letter to passengers explaining why they had been bumped. After reviewing several articles on the…

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Bumping My Way to Happiness: Voluntary Bumping Performance 2009: Jan to Mar

Spent a few hours today reviewing the DOT’s website reading about the performance of the major U.S. carriers. Focusing on voluntary bumping I was able to procure these nuggets of information for you. The data in this posts represents the first quarter of 2009. ________________ Flights Enplaned Passengers Voluntary Vol/Flight US ______________ 35,594 ________ 12,580,587…

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