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How To Connect To Gogo With MacBook Pro – Connection Problems

Some people may have been in this situation before. Your logged into Gogo on your iPhone and accessing the internet. But once up in the air, you fire up your MacBook Pro, connect to the Gogo internet and…nothing. You see that you are connected, but your browser doesn’t connect to the Gogo log-in screen. Your…

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Free Gogo Wifi Internet From Allstate + Gogo Giveaway

We are giving away 10 free Gogo internet wifi session cards to celebrate the new partnership between Allstate and Gogo. Together they are offering a free 30 minutes of wifi for smartphone users. The catch is the free 30 minutes is only good for the weekends, but free wifi is free wifi. This is really…

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Free Gogo Wifi Winner And Favorite Travel Applications

We’ve randomly selected the winner of the free Gogo Wifi internet access card. The winner receives a free internet session on-board any Gogo enabled flight. To enter, we asked our readers to share their favorite travel applications. Our favorite travel application, Magic Jack, allows users of the iPhone application to dial the U.S. or Canada for free…

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Gulf Coast Sunset Location And Happy Hour Winner

This undisclosed island sunset came right on time with a cold beer. To celebrate the end of a rather long week, we ran a Gogo pass giveaway for those who could guess this Points, Miles & Martinis Happy Hour sunset location. The guesses started far away, but soon, the guesses honed in on the exact location, Captiva…

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Streamline Your Travel Experience – Quickly Connect With Gogo’s iPhone Application

We love saving time here at Points, Miles & Martinis. Our travel style is close to the real Ryan Bingham, we never, ever check a bag, pack light, and look for opportunities to streamline our travel experience at every corner. Thankfully the team at Gogo has helped us shave a few moments of down time…

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