TSA Has Gone Overboard – Lady Screams For Agent Arrest At Checkpoint

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In this video a woman is screaming at a TSA checkpoint for the agent to be arrested because she was molested and her breast was touched.  The son of the mother was filming the entire episode and was repeatedly being threatened with arrest.

With Miss USA having her vagina touched and this lady’s breast groped the TSA has completely lost control.

The Texas law may be back, which would make it a misdemeanor for gropings “pat-downs” without probably cause.

Do you think the TSA has gone overboard?

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  1. I think this is a stunt by the woman for publicity. If you listen closely to what the security officers are telling the boy who is filming, they say that this is the second time that the family has come through with the video camera at the ready and the lady pitched a fit saying that she was molested, and according to the agent she touched nowhere near that area. If they did, then why doesn’t the kid have it on tape? The TSA has their issues, but this is definitely a publicity stunt!

  2. Do I think the TSA has gone overboard b/c of this incident, or because of their groping of minors and adults in general? I haven’t heard a rational argument or explanation that supports their actions which are all for show. They don’t make us safer…period, end of discussion.

  3. Clearly this is a publicity stunt and I hope that the woman and her son are arrested accordingly. Having said that, the TSA is behaving very poorly generally. As so many people have said before – dress an American in uniform and they change from being warm and friendly to being rude, officious and overbearing. The behavior of the TSA and its staff bears this out completely.

    The worrying thing is that it does not make me feel safer. I travel through Canada and Europe often and the process makes me feel much safer. The agents are polite and professional in their approach to people. Yes, we all have to remove our liquids and laptops (but not shoes) and if we don’t, our bags get pulled. There’s no shouting, no histrionics, no groping. It works seemlessly and the caliber of the staff suggests to me that they are getting it right. Meanwhile we are getting it very wrong. This is something where politicians need to take the lead – they need to make it clear what is expected and give deadlines for that to be implemented. Firings should start at the very top and work their way down.

  4. Respectfully, you shouldn’t feel safer. At major airports around the country folks that work on the tarmac aren’t screened and often do not have background checks performed. So if someone wants to get through security they have that as an option along with likely dozens more. Sound far fetched? Remember 9/11…trained as pilots for months. The TSA might catch the random lone crackpot, but very possibly won’t catch a bad guy who is well trained and has a lot of time. And the TSA is strictly reactionary in nature…try to take down a plane with a shoe, we’ll screen them…try to hide a bomb in your underwear, we’ll feel up gradmas and infants. It’s all show…all show.

  5. At LAX a few weeks ago I opted out of the scanner as I always do…got the enhanced pat down…but this time the TSA agent slid his hand up my leg until his hand was between my TESTICLES and MY THIGH…I was so shocked I instinctively jumped a little…

    So yes..TSA has gone too far…

  6. OUR government, is conducting intimate searches of innocent citizens in the name of national security. At the as time this theater of the TSA accomplishes little or nothing to actually increase security of the traveling public. This is just an excuse for the government to overstep their bounds to violate the privacy of the American people. What are the examples of the great finds that have been made with this placing of blue-shirts hands in the private areas of grandmothers and young children? Still Arabic passengers are able to board aircraft with devices and intent to do harm and TSA has failed in their basic charter to safeguard the US people. In EVERY case it is the other passengers on the plane that have prevented the attack from being completed. American have become sheep allowing this intrusion to their personal privacy and just accept that it is for their own good. Buying a ticket and traveling on a aircraft is not a license for the government to feel your balls or group your breast.

  7. I am not sure about this family, but touching private parts is unacceptable by anyone unless they can show proof that there might be something hidden in them. I go through the scanner despite all its risks because I know I wouldn’t take another flight for months if I am groped.

    What do they expect to find in breasts, testicles and vagina? guns? bullets? knives? or chemicals?

  8. While it is TRUE that many TSA gropers are oversealous THUGS, I also believe that they were set up this time. The ‘victim’ and her filming son had this thoroughly planned. Shame on them! -C.

  9. I am surprise I haven’t seen a story about a terrorist dressed as a woman with DD cups filled w/ flammable gels, then try to light it on fire on the plane.

  10. This certainly was a publicity stunt. But, I am sure there are ‘bag eggs’ in the TSA basket that misuse the power they are vested in. We need to ‘Watch the Watchmen’, but avoid letting the tabloid attention seekers get what they want.

  11. I say it’s worth the one plane out of hundreds of thousands that will have a terrorist or whatever boogeyman TSA is ostensibly protecting us from be compromised, for the rest of the traveling public to maintain their dignity. We’ve played right into the terrorists’ hands, by enacting a system whereby we are terrorized by our fellow Americans. Ridiculous and ironic.

  12. 2cents, you have it right on. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton are rolling over in the graves. Americans – us, TSA, politicians – have no respect for the Constitution, most don’t even know what it says.

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