Delta, it’s not you; it’s me. I’m dAAting someone else…

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(satire on)

I never thought I would say this but here it goes Delta. I…I’m…I’m seeing someone else.

We’ve been flying together for a long time so this may come as a surprise. I will never forget the time we’ve spent together. We’ve stuck together through very exciting times like the flights to Seychelles, Bora Bora, and even some difficult moments.

I do feel a little guilty. I haven’t been completely open with you for a while. Please don’t get upset when I tell you what I’m about to say….

Change In Primary Airline Partner

I’ve reconnected with an old friend that I met over ten years ago, but just a friend and nothing more. Ok, so it is a little more than an old friend, I earned over 440,000 miles flying American Airlines and by spending on my American Airlines credit card over the last 10 years.

When It Started

It all started when we snuck off with AA to Buenos Aires last year for a romantic long weekend. And just this past weekend I slipped away to the OneWorldMegaDo (here, here, here and here) with AA to support the Komen Fly for the Cure.

I really enjoyed the MegaDo with AA and it is time I come clean, I”ll be spending more time flying with AA.

We’re On A Break

Delta, I still hope we can be friends and fly together from time to time. AA is new and exciting right now with what lies ahead. There are still a lot of questions but I look forward to the chAAllenge. Lets just see where this takes us for now.

(satire off)

As most of you know I’ve been a loyal Delta Diamond flyer but I’ve decided to work on a status challenge with American Airlines. I have a lot to learn about American Airlines and look forward to bringing all of you, pointsmilesandmartinis readers, along for the ride.

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  1. Not to hate on Delta: they have great people and I’m a big fan of Coke Zero and Biscoff cookies, but their frequent flyer program is horrible.

    I’ve never understood why an infrequent flyer that nominally cares about miles would want to waste their time collecting SkyMiles.

    It’s difficult to find awards at the lowest redemption level, upgrade awards can only be used with the more expensive fares, and the online booking tool “has issues”.

    As for Delta’s most frequent flyers, I can appreciate that the complimentary domestic upgrades are nice, but the inability to use SWUs or mileage upgrades on deeply discounted international fares is pretty lame.

    It’s a shame that their frequent flyer program isn’t as good as the airline.

    Anyway, welcome to first class meal service on every flight, napkins with holes, baked on board cookies, power ports, and the best frequent flyer program around. I’m a little biAAsed, but I’m glad to see you’re making the chAAnge!

  2. if any other airline had a club in MSY (home for me) i might give it a whirl and do a status match.

    but i value club access too much. don’t like milling about with other travelers and i need the free drinks… which is why i regularly read this blog…

    PS – Sweetwater 420 on tap at ATL Sky Clubs rocks.

  3. Hi AAGeek – Today’s first class service was greAAt. Look forward to a trip report in the very near future.

    Hi Commander flatus – The martinis in the Points, Miles & Martinis isn’t going anywhere. Sweetwater 420 is nice, I agree, and the Woodford is better. But I’m also looking forward to trying the Glenlevit in AA F.

  4. I will be interested to hear about your experience. As a Delta loyalist for many years, I have been very happy. While I know the limitations of Delta’s FF program, I don’t think anyone else offers the same quality flight product (domestic carriers).

    As someone who earns their points in the seat, this trumps all else. Maybe you will find a better alternative.

  5. Hi Walter – I’m drinking from an AA fire hose already. The domestic quality of Delta is great. So far I’m very pleased with AA on my 1 route of the challenge so far. Hope to have some updates very soon.

  6. @ Walter – I absolutely agree. If you spend anytime in the air, then service is should be the most important consideration.

    Delta has great service. In my experience, so does American. So for me, it comes down the the frequent flyer program and benefits.

    Actually, let me restate that. The Weekly Flyer and Commander Flatus are probably right. Beverage quality and selection is THE most important consideration. 🙂

  7. My wife and I will likely be moving to Atlanta in the near future. Is there a reason to collect anything other than SkyMiles?

  8. @AAdvanatgegeek – love your blog, keep up the good work. I am looking forward to these updates as I have limited experience with AA. When I was in Chicago in late 80’s, I was a United flyer (remember the letters to editor about the lights in the tunnel when they built the new terminal?).

  9. Hi Brad – I can think of a few, but it probably doesnt workfor everyone. I’ll try to share the pros and cons along the way.

    First impression from today is I really like being able to confirm an upgrade on AA. It reminds me of the Hyatt suite confirmation policy.

    Another reason, last year we decided to leave St John for Puerto Rico early and couldn’t reconfirm our United award ticket between the islands. The AA ticket was expensive last minute but we redeemed AA miles instead. Earning miles in multiple programs will give you flexibility when you need it.

  10. It’s funny you write this, because I might actually fly more Delta this year, but as an Alaska flier. Alaska is my second tier program, but I’m coving an area of the country that’s easier to reach via Atlanta and AA doesn’t do AUS-ATL. Perhaps we’ll intertwine posts as I get that first Delta experience… and see what it’s like on the AS side of the fence.

  11. @ Walter – Thanks for the pat on the back. The late 80s & early 90s were the golden age of air travel in ORD. Robert Crandall was obsessed with the Chicago market. AA and UA competed to have the best terminals, service, schedules, and biggest aircraft. Those were the days….:-)

    @ Mike Reed – So you go to AS, The Weekly Flyer switches to AA, I think Gary Leff may be switching from UA. This is like the Big 12 Conference!

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