Delta Status Hard Landing, Roll Over MQMs, And Platinum Status After 3 Flights

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My dreams of a soft landing from Delta Diamond status have been shattered. Along with roll over MQM’s Delta has posted future membership levels that will change at the end of February and things don’t look good for me.

In 2010, I went out of my way to fly over 125,000 miles on Delta metal and achieved Delta Diamond status. In 2011, I only flew about 56k miles.

Delta has posted their roll over MQMs and future membership levels and I will be downgraded from Diamond to Gold status next year. I’m a big boy, I can handle the downgrade.

The thing that really gets to me is that many people were sent a targeted promotion to earn Platinum status after only 3 flights, in coach. While others received a targeted promotion to earn Gold status after only 2 flights, in coach.

When I tried to register for either promotion this is what I got since I was so loyal to Delta. A big goose egg for the fast track offers and a hard landing from Delta Diamond to Delta Gold.

Thanks Delta!

Does anyone (AAdvantageGeek or any readers) know of status challenge or match opportunities to American?

Bottom Line

Maybe if I fly Delta less I’ll be targeted for one of their ridiculous status offers.

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  1. It is like the hotel free status promos for Hilton and Accor. I would be really ticked if I had gone to the effort to earn these statuses through stays or credit card spend and then others jumped in the pot for free, fighting over the same upgrades.

  2. Hi Bluedevil – Same here

    Hi Rapid Travel Chai – Agree 100%, I think these comp status promotions do more harm to existing loyal customer than they do good. I’m now Platinum on Accor and may stay 1 night with them this year, maybe…

  3. Ditto. Diamond to gold to gold with >20k rollover. I also got a big zero for this promotion (not targeted). My last four ticket purchases were paid BE, three of four transatlantic BE. I will hit gold for 2013 by April; likely Plat by June, also on paid international BizElite.

    Not feeling the Delta love…will try for status match once I hit Plat (within 6 mos).

    Any tips on status match and/or elite challenge options (published or otherwise) would be extremely helpful.

  4. Hi Shivan – Click on the links in my post and enter your Delta number. You’ll see if you qualify.

    Hi Laura – I feel your pain. I’m looking into status match options. I know AA I have access to an AA Platinum challenge, but I’m looking into other options and will report back.

  5. I agree with Weekly Flyer: these promos may earn new loyalty, but they destroy existing loyalty: and once its gone, its gone – harder to win back than it is to keep it in the first place. Then again, I do realize that the loyalty in ‘loyalty’ programs only flows one way.

  6. Thanks, WF…I will stay tuned. Have saved status match option for a while (was Diamond when Continental was poaching SkyMiles elites). Glad I saved it…tgis may be the time!

  7. Sorry for your hard landing, WF.

    Last year, I did a Platinum challenge on American that required 10,000 EQM in 90-days (I think) plus something around $180. There was no DEQM then, of course, so the terms might have changed. Actually, I’m sure the terms changed. I recall reading somewhere that challenges change based on time of year.

  8. The link you posted goes to a form that expired on 12/31/11 … that’s maybe why you couldn’t participate?

    “eligible members must register online by December 31, 2011”

  9. I have mixed thoughts on this whole topic.

    With rollover, I understand giving no soft landings, especially when you were almost 20k short of plat. Also, when some people hold short on purpose, tough to make everyone happy. Fair rules and a system the customer can somewhat game/control is overall customer friendly, imo.

    The targeted promos were ridiculous, and I say this as one who was targetted by the early plat (i think I may have gotten one extra flight as pm due to that) and the rdm bonus for requaling.

    In todays world your customers are in touch with each other. If you play the targetting game to build new loyalty, you need to be extra certain to keep your already loyal customers happy as well.

    If you’re giving out handouts, some need to go to your diamonds

    Maybe a status bump for the remainder of 2011 and a more challenging challlenge would have been more appropriate.

  10. Hi Shannon – Trust me, I tried several times before 12/31/11. I wasn’t targeted.

    Hi Matt – I agree, 20k short of Platinum deserves a downgrade based on flying patterns. My point was the promotions will now place non-loyal flyers with even less intense flying patterns (3 flights is all that was needed) above loyal Gold members. If they are targeting someone that can actually continue to maintain the Platinum status, why not make the challenge more commensurate with everyone else’s qualification thresholds?

  11. I would have chimed in earlier, but I’m on the road till the end of January.

    American is offering Double Elite Qualifying Miles in January, so I’ve lined up as many business trips as I can this month. 🙂

    Darren is right, American does (for a fee) offer an Elite Status Challenge: Gold = $180 and Platinum = $200.

    Unless you’re lucky (or Lucky) and American’s elite flyers are being targeted by a competitor, it’s almost impossible to get a Status Challenge for Executive Platinum status:

    Have you lined up your travel for January? Double Elite Miles till the end of the month….you could be Gold (or even Platinum) by February. 🙂

  12. Do you recall if there was any consensus on how these promos were targetted? My vague recollection is that it appeared to be a combination of medallion level and activity with amex. In my case I ended with 99999 mqms this year, so all it did was give me an extra flight as plat along with more upgrade competition this year.

    I suspect most of the early plats flew quite a bit more that the minimal “challenge”, but agree that the bar was set a bit low. Something like plat through 2011 might have been an interesting promo while not generating the same ill will.

  13. I was one of those targeted for the Plat and took them up on it by flying 2 very cheap International trips. I think it had something to do with AMEX and doing transfers previously. The good news for you and others is that I rarely flew before and I rarely fly now and will drop back to “silver or even nothing” come next February so I am really of little consequence to you. I am sure there are many more just like me.

  14. I don’t get that at all. I bust my butt to stay loyal to Delta for my Platinum status and others are being seduced to Gold and Platinum by spending only a few bucks?!! Noted!

  15. I don’t get it either. I’ve bust my butt to stay loyal to Delta for my Platinum status and others are being given Gold and Platinum by spending only a few bucks. I wrote Delta after being refused the challenge. They said don’t worry you’ll be targeted for other promotions “NOT” one after 6 months. So I’ve started flying other Air Lines. Thanks for “nothing”, I’ve also down graded to Gold after being Plat. for over 5 yrs.

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