Great Drink Mate Contest – Win Happy Hour Tab At OWMD Plus Other Swag

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The first ever OWMD is this week and I was the last lucky person to clear the OWMD wait list. To celebrate the event I’m running a very quick “Great Drink Mate” contest. So act fast if you like free bar happy hours and free swag, even if you are not going to the OWMD event.

The event will feature a number of giveaways, prizes, fun and good conversation. To celebrate in the giving spirit, I’ll award a complimentary Happy Hour tab to one lucky winner and other prizes for a lucky runner up.

There was TPG’s Great Seat Mate contest and now Points, Miles & Martinis has the Great Drink Mate contest.

How To Participate

  • Snap a picture of a libation that you would drink at a Happy Hour to get the conversation started
  • Comment in this post with name of drink you emailed or a link to the blog post with the name
  • Please mention in email or comment if you are a participant in the OWMD event


  • Submissions are due by 12 Midnight PST on Tuesday 1/24/12
  • Any libation you would drink at a Happy Hour to get the conversation started is valid

How To Win

  • Drink finalists will be posted Wednesday and open for comments by Points Miles & Martinis & OWMD event readers
  • I will select the winner based on how well your drink will get the conversation started, visible drink picture, and reader feedback

Great Drink Mate Prizes

1) Grand Prize

2) Runner Up Prize 

3) Non-OWMD Attendee Consolation Prize

If you are not going to the OWMD, you can still participate in this content. Simply follow the rules contest entry rules above and your submission will be considered for the consolation prize.

Bottom Line

I’m excited for the OWMD event and I hope you are too.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Must be 21 or older to enter
  • Happy Hour drinks must be consumed by OWMD event attendees that are 21 or older at the discretion of the Grand Prize Winner
  • If not on OWMD you can still participate, if you win you can select your favorite OWMD participant to be the “Great Drink Mate” in the Happy Hour with The Weekly Flyer
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  1. Captain Morgan w/ Diet Coke and a squeeze of lime. Yummy!

    Aarrgggg! Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!
    Avast! What be yer favorite pirate pickup line?

    Best one shares happy hour prize, if I win!


  2. I’d go for a nice premium drink, the Hemmingway Daiquiri. Its a nice little obscure drink that can attract attention and has a wonderful flavor.

  3. Nothing can get better than a well made Long Island Iced Tea. What can beat a drink that is pretty much a mixture of different alcohols and a dash of Coke? (No, I’m not referring to that white powder) 😛

  4. I’d have the national drink of my current country of residence – a pisco sour (catedral, of course!). Yes, it’s also the national drink of Peru, which is where the conversation can get lively (especially between a Chilean and a Peruvian – if you’ve got one of each at happy hour bring the subject up, sit back and enjoy the show).

  5. And to TelevisionTdTina (remember, you asked):

    “Nice poop deck on ya, lady. Care for a swabbin’?”

    “I must be huntin’ treasure, ’cause I’m diggin’ yer chest!”

    And since you prefer rum…
    “Yo, ho ho! How ’bouts a bottle of rum?”

  6. Straight to the liquid cocaine. Don’t worry, liquid cocaine will not get you in trouble at the airport unless you have more than 3ozs in your carry on.
    Drink consists of 151, Goldschlagger, and Jagermeister. Who is ready to party?

  7. Nice, Paul.

    As a winch… My favorite pickup line to a pirate is: C’mon, Lad, shiver me timbers!

  8. I don’t know that it’s a great conversation starter, but to me scotch has always been a lot like ginger ale in that it taste better at 30,000 feet than it does on the ground.

    Back in my Delta days, Dewar’s was my jet fuel.

  9. Woolworth Flip: buffalo trace bourbon, Cynar, Carpano Antica. Root Beer Bitters, shaken with an egg

  10. Since I have Randy’s seat on the OWMD and am playing the part of the Boss, the only answer would be Tequila! I’ll take mine in the form of a margarita, on the rocks, please.

  11. My favorite drink at a happy hour is a chilled vodka gimlet, especially on a warm summer night! It’s so old school that everyone asks me what’s in it which is a great conversation starter!

  12. Well there are so many to choose from. I have to say for an anytime drink, there is always Champagne! Nothing beats a bottle with friends (especially when on a Mileage Run to HKG)

    However… the cucumber gimlet is one of my favorites. And if you have the right bartender it can even look amazing too! Just the right amount of cucumber flavor in a vodka gimlet and smile

  13. One of my favorite drinks is an oldie but goodie Grasshopper. It is such a classic that it is hard to find bartenders who know how to make it!

  14. I would order a Scorpion and insist that it come in the giant shell or coconut monkey (a la Trader Vic’s) and a little umbrella….

  15. Have to get to my desktop, but it would be the pomegranate mojito that I had at The Common Ground Garden Cafe in Kaua’i I. December. Yum yum.
    Glad you will be enjoying OWMD…. I was the one who dropped out making your seat possible 😉

  16. I thought long and hard about this.
    Blend rum, pineapple juice, and vanilla ice cream in a blender. You’ll never know what hit you!!

  17. I would love to start my happy hour with a Pisco Sour and start the debate of national origin of the drink: Chile or Peru?!

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