Hot Or Cold Nuts On American Airlines

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This is a topic of much debate, do you prefer your nuts hot or cold. American Airlines has a new cold nut option available on select flights. Nuts have been on planes ever since I can remember and are a perfect compliment to happy hour.

Hot Nuts
Domestic first class flights on American Airlines offer the traditional hot nuts.


Cold Nuts
While I have always preferred my nuts to be warm, American Airlines offered a refreshing change with a cold nut mix on the OWMD flight. The main difference from what I could tell is the cold mix also has crasinets along with the usual assortment.


I’m not sure when the cold nuts will be served system wide or if they are only for international flights. But I prefer the cold nuts.

What is your preference, hot or cold nuts?

Getting Status has a good round up of the coach nut service in his recent post.

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  1. Personally I prefer hot nuts….actually luke warm. Cold nuts would just not be suitable for any human body….i mean to eat

  2. Interesting! I’ve not yet seen the cold nut mix, but that would be a nice choice. Also, the hot nuts are only on domestic flights with hot entrees/snacks, so far as I’ve seen. Is there other rhyme or reason I’m missing?

  3. If I remember correctly from the MegaDo, these cold nuts are not being offered in premium classes on any AA flights. Rather, they are offered as a buy on board option in the main cabin on select flights.

    It was great meeting you last week and I hope to see you on the next OWMD!

  4. I prefer no nuts. 2% of US children are allergic to nuts. A life threatening anaphylactic shock is not worth comparing to your preferred snack. How about we all enjoy a potato chip during the flight and keep your nuts to an environment where people with severe issues have the options of leaving… and breathing

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