125,000 Hyatt Points, 26 Stays in 8 weeks

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While those lucky MegaDO’ers have been working through their AA Executive Platinum challenges this month, I have been working on a Hyatt Diamond ‘Non-Challenge’ of my own . I did not qualify for Hyatt Diamond last year therefore my Diamond benefits are set to expire February 28th. As I blogged earlier this week, I am headed off to Japan and in particular the Park Hyatt Tokyo at the beginning of March, a few days after my Diamond status was set to expire. Something just didn’t feel right about flying across the world to experience the Park Hyatt Tokyo without those industry leading Hyatt Diamond benefits. As a result, I decided to create my own personal Hyatt Diamond ‘Non-Challenge’. Hyatt Diamond status is achieved through 25 stays in a calendar year, so I did just that…..in 8 weeks.

Two very good things happened during my Hyatt Non-Challenge.

  1. The discovery of closed club lounge properties in the DC Area through January and February.
  2. Hyatt launched their 2012 Q1 promotion starting February 1.

Hyatt Diamond Non-Challenge

As a result, My Hyatt Diamond ‘Non-Challenge’ turned into a Hyatt points-earning binger! The details are as awful as they sound. No tricks here. Just a good ole’ fashion daily check in, check out always after a long day of work. Rinse and Repeat for 2 months.

I officially met my target this week with an overachieving 26 stays just as I am headed off to Japan. Here are some highlights of my Non-Challenge.

The Non-Challenge in Numbers

  • Duration: Jan 1 to Feb 23
  • Stays: 26
  • Nights: 26
  • 2500 Point Closed Regency Club Bonuses: 17
  • 1000 Point Diamond Amenities(Full Service Property): 9
  • 1500 Point Diamond Retro Amenities (Full Service Property): 8
  • 500 Point Diamond Amenities (Hyatt Place or similar): 6
  • 750 Point Diamond Retro Amenities (Hyatt Place or similar): 3
  • Q1 Promotion Status to Max Out: 12/16
  • Promotion Points: 25000 (I have the Hyatt Visa)
  • Status: Hyatt Diamond Status for 2012 and 2013
  • Total Points collected: 125,000+

Next Steps

Thankfully the madness ends when I return from Japan. Come March 1st I will transition back to my longer (boring) 3 night Starwood stay strategy and give my new Starwood Ambassador a shot. I will, of course, complete 4 more nights at Hyatt at some point to polish off that lucrative Q1 Hyatt promotion.

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About alex

Alex loves to travel and does so a lot. Logging 100,000 flight miles each year over the past 4 years, Alex uses points and miles to power his passion. Alex is continuously striving to experience the far reaches of the globe. In his day job, Alex is a Management Consultant frequently on the road advising Technology organizations. I love thinking about, reading about, and talking about all things travel. Feel free to reach me at pmmalex@gmail.com

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  1. @Label and Heels05 – I should mention this was corporate travel for an out of town project. The sacrifice for hotel hopping was a large reduction of time at the gym. 🙂

  2. Nice! Congratulations. I hop around Hyatts in the Bay Area when I’m up there, and I can empathise with you on the hassle of doing so – but it’s the only way I think I’ll reach Diamond this year, and it’s worth it when I can take my family on vacations and stay at hotels we normally would not.

  3. Dangit, and I thought the 8,000 points given to me by the friendly manager of the Long Island Hyatt this weekend to compensate for the rowdy Fireman’s convention was good…

  4. What is “Diamond Retro Amenities”. I have bunch of stays coming up in Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Place as part of a diamond challenge. I want to make sure I know the hyatt program well.

  5. @ikonos – Hyatt offers 1.5X your Diamond Amenity if you have to call in because the amenity was requested and not applied properly by the hotel. I have not found the formal details online anywhere (I read it from a Boarding Area blog) but most agents seem aware of this policy and post it correctly as the increased retro amenity.

  6. @alex – good info – thanks! This is a fairly common occurence at my Hyatt Place stays.

    For my next Retro Amenity, I’ll request a Lava Lamp….

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