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Today marks the day when Continental and United frequent flyer programs have officially become one. To honor this day, we are giving away the last of our Continental Currency coupons, the best part is the coupons never expire.

Continental Currency Coupon Give Away

Three lucky winners will be selected and given a Continental currency coupon.
Each Continental currency coupon was good for a choice of (1) a premium beverage, (2) a headset while traveling on a Continental operated flight. Even though these are Continental coupons, there are FT reports that they are working on United metal. The best part is they never expire.

Continental Currency Coupons

How To Enter

You have three different ways to enter and win a Continental Currency coupon. Share your favorite or least favorite Continental memory through one of the following methods:

  1. Leave a comment in this post sharing your Continental memory
  2. Tweet and follow us on Twitter @weeklyflyer sharing your Continental memory
  3. Post a comment and “like” us on Points, Miles & Martinis Facebook to share your Continental memory


  • No limit to the times you can enter through each method
  • Must enter before 9 AM EST on Monday March 5
  • Three winners will be selected at random from all entries and from all entry types
  • Winner will be announced on Monday

Favorite Memory

My favorite Continental memory was taking a trip to Hawaii with Mrs Weekly Flyer back in 2008. We flew on a Continental 767 in coach class to Honolulu. We selected two bulk head coach seats on the window side and really enjoyed the leg room. On the way home, we upgraded to business class for the over night flight. We’ll always remember taking our first trip to Hawaii together on Continental airlines.

Kauai North Shore

View of Molokai from Lanai

Least Favorite Memory

My least favorite Continental memory was when I made a rookie mistake. I booked a coach ticket to Switzerland when Continental was part of the Sky Team Alliance. I was a Delta elite member but put my Continental number on the reservation. Since I was not elite member with Continental I only earned 1 mile per mile flown. Had I put my Delta SkyMiles number on the reservation, I would have earned a 100% bonus on miles flown due to elite status. I’ll never forget how I was stuck in the middle seat on a 767 for the entire 10 hour flight, both ways.

Small Town In Switzerland

So what is your favorite or least favorite Continental memory?

Bottom Line

It was great flying Continental when they were part of Sky Team, and great to fly them even after they moved over to Star Alliance. Continental had a good run and will be missed.

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  1. Hmm… Being as though I never had a chance to fly on Continental, I’d say my best memory is the 105,000 Continental miles I got for free for credit card sign up bonuses. Those miles will turn into a United memory for me in December when I fly to Hawaii! 😀

  2. Early this year when I first obtained CO status I was told about the ability to Rev-Up. So I purchased that for my EWR-HNL flight and it was a heavenly trip. Because of that experience I put most of my travel $’s into getting to Platinum so I could experience the finer things in life on a more regular basis.

  3. I loved being able to redeem our CO miles for our first ever “Upper Class” Virgin Atlantic flight to LHR.

  4. My best memory was when i received a surprise trip to hawaii and when i got there i met my uncle that i havent seen in 30 years

  5. Was flying CLE-EWR and the GA upgraded me, she simply crossed off my coach seat assignment and gave me 3F, which i thought was cool. EWR-CLE on the other hand was a mess, the same agent fuddled something up and it showed that i did not take the outbound flight thus cancelling my return. Fun trying to get that sorted!

  6. best co memory: my mom and i were traveling back from HKG to EWR but they couldnt find any seats in economy so that we may sit together for the 18 hour direct flight. Seeing how upset we were, the agents decided to bump us both up to first class so that we not only got to sit next to each other but had an incredibly relaxing 18 hour flight back home. To this day I am still a loyal CO ff. Hopefully they will continue to be great as part of united!

  7. Continental gave me my first op upgrade flying from STL to EWR. (due to a sports team needing my seat in back) I was such a novice flyer at that time that I almost didn’t take it. My father looked at me like I was crazy when I initially declined it, so I relented and off I went up front. Once I got up there, I was hooked! (to my bank account’s continued dismay) Still, it was a great experience for one of my first CO flights.

  8. Least favourite being stuck at iah after a thunderstorm shut down the airport and missed connection. Had 2 people on staff at each cs desk and about 100 people in line at each one. Good times!

  9. I flew CO to Lima a few years ago and the seats were so comfortable that I didn’t mind sitting in the middle the entire 8 hours!

  10. On a recent trip, I reserved all four legs of my flights on US Airways, and for several of the legs I was switched to Continental due to problems. Continental saved me!

  11. Flying to visit my family in Israel for the first time when I was 7 years old.
    Best memory ever!

  12. My favorite memory was my first “Pub Flight” on the pre-merger-merger CO. Playing Pub Pong while drinking in a real bar made the flight to LA seem to go by in no time. “The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail.”

  13. I can never remember that far back so I will go for recent memories
    Best Memory: This August on a Redeye flight in Busfirst from CDG to EWR all of the other passengers were sleeping, and the flight attendant gave me three warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to enjoy while I watched the hangover 2 again.
    Worst Memory: This week on my Way from Newark to Nicaragua via IAH and back, three of my four flights were delayed, and I lost my wallet, and despite the three hour delay on the ground they refused to bring it to me and are instead charging me $20 for shipping.

  14. My favorite memory was flying from Honolulu to Newark to visit my family last September, it was great seeing them and my friends!

  15. Favorite memory flying home last year to see my family and being upgraded after missing my connection. Not only upgraded, but also got there earlier on the new route.

  16. They would only allow me to use 1 voucher per passenger per ticket and I had two! So I was writing to them back and forth and in the meantime the fare dropped and I was able to save some money. I still have the second voucher!

  17. My first CO flight was to Hawaii as well. Won’t forget how surprised I was when they served complimentary cheeseburger…in coach! Those were the days.

  18. Best memory is a few years back taking a trip on CO to Florida for a Key West trip. We were dodging thunderstorms all day but the crew was great the whole time.

  19. Every Continental memory I have was positive. I just never had a bad experience with them!

  20. Flying back EWR-SEA after Thanksgiving, I had the best pork chop ever. Looking forward to more!

  21. Best memory was getting upgraded to First Class while flying to Bombay.

  22. My least memorable moment was when my luggage was lost for business trip. Never got it until trip was over.

  23. Lived in New York. Loved flying Continental out of Newark instead of the nightmare of JFK!

  24. Least favorite was flying out of ORD on CO. My wife and I had a flight and when we went through security I was pulled. I was told I was on the no fly list. Now we had traveled Delta with in 30 days and no problem. After a long talk and more follow up (checking my Delta flight?) they discovered it was some one else with the same name, but different adress. We flew but on a later flight. Not a pleasant experience.

  25. Least favorite experience is every time I fly! A couple of drinks at least calm the nerves!

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