Mile High Battle Over Power Outlets – AA vs Delta

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There are little things that frustrate a frequent traveler more than running out of phone power on the road. I use my phone for almost everything on the road, from making dinner reservations at open table to playing words with friends. But when you are out of juice, it’s game over.

Some airlines try to help recharge your batteries, in more ways than one. For instance, Delta has select flights (767, 757, 737) with power outlets. While American Airlines has power outlets or adapters on most of their mainline planes. Having a power outlet on a plane is reason #2 of 8 why I think American Airlines first class is better than Delta’s.

Since I was heading to Tampa on a Delta 757, I was going to take readers advice and try to find the elusive Delta power outlet.

Delta 757 Ride To Tampa

As I boarded the 757 with wing tips to Tampa, I thought “this is a great opportunity to charge my iPhone battery.” I was excited to see the 757 had wingtips and thought this may be one of the few planes with a power outlet.

Delta 757

Delta 757

Quest For The Elusive Power Outlet

The quest began at the window arm rest. I checked the side, but all I found was the reclining button and an audio port for 12 music stations. I wasn’t discouraged, so I moved to the next logical place the outlet could be located.

Window Arm Rest Side

Window Arm Rest Side

Next I checked the side of the center arm rest, but again, no luck.

Middle Arm Rest

Middle Arm Rest Side

Then I looked way down low as one reader suggested. All I saw was a black laptop bag.

Under Seat

Under Seat

Next I checked the front of the middle arm rest. Again no dice.

Middle Arm Rest Front

Middle Arm Rest Front

I made one last look at the window arm rest, but this time from the front.

Window Arm Rest Front

Window Arm Rest Front

There was little hope at this point, so I looked towards the ceiling and was reminded that Delta just doesn’t have power adapters when you need them.

Window Arm Rest Front


American Airlines Difference

It’s not hard to locate a power adapter in AA first class on a 757. Simply look in the middle between the seats. Not the cleanest power outlet, but it’s there.

Power Adapter

What I Did Find

I looked everywhere for the elusive Delta power outlet, but I just couldn’t find it. When I thought there were no more surprises for me with Delta, they went and totally redeemed themselves.

I know a certain Points, Miles & Martinis reader who will likely give Delta a call after seeing this picture. Check out the new air fresheners, a la Seattle’s Best, in the lavatories.

Window Arm Rest Front

Air Freshener

Bottom Line

Finding a power outlet on one of Delta’s flights is like trying to get a bottle of Glelivet on an American Airlines flight, it just isn’t there when you want it. But if you look closely, you may be surprised to find something, even if it is not what you are looking for.

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  1. They’re not as obvious but at least consistent in their location on CO planes. I just wish my bulky Apple charger wouldn’t fall out so easily.

  2. Is it just me, or perhaps your camera puts a highlight on how filthy these planes are!

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