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  1. I, for one, am thankful BA allows you to so easily dissolve a Household account! ūüėČ

  2. There used to be a six-month wait between “unhouseholding” and :re-householding”. Looks like that requirement has gone away? Great news!

  3. Do the terms and conditions prevent having 2 household accounts under the same address? I understand that one cannot use Avis pts from 1 household account in another household account, but I am asking if there can be 2 household accounts with the same addres.

  4. you simply “removed the household account, booked it and and then re-established it! ” you make it sound like that is easy? I would think that would be quite a chore? Also, the age to have a BA account is 18? I think that is such crapola, since my kids fly with us all the time! has anyone bumped their age?? just wondering!

  5. Hi Albert – Good catch, I don’t see anything in the terms and conditions that prohibit multiple household accounts under one roof.

    Hi worldtraveller2 – It was :D. The age to have an account is:

    “there is no age requirement to belong to a household account.” &

    “Parents or guardians may nominate persons under 18 years of age to be a member of a Household Account and this will entitle them to earn and, subject to the remainder of this Clause 16.1.12” &

    “Requests and bookings relating to Awards may be made by any Household Account member provided they are 18 years of age or over”

    So you can have your kids join the household account, but they cannot redeem the points until they are over 18.

  6. Hi, does anybody know what to do if you are unwillingly removed from household account?
    My ex partner removed me and my son and took over our miles. What can I do to restore this?

  7. Hi, you say “So I simply removed the household account, booked the award, then re-established the household account.” But how did you do that? Many thanks

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